Monday, December 28, 2009

Still working in Villa Vieja

Holy cow, that was a long email. haha But thank you very much for it.Well dont worry everything is all good here, and when I got shot at, well that was in El Triunfo. but im not supposeed to tell things like that. So just forget about it. haha But yeah this place can get pretty riled up sometimes. haha It's awesome. When ever they win a soccer game this whole place goes crazy. I'm talkin everyone!!!!! bBut yeah it was awesome to here your voices and to talk a little Spanish with Wayne. haha The thing is, I talked to him in a little caliche so he didn't understand me completely. I need to learn to talk proper Spanish better. Thats what David is doing in Mexico. I know like three Mexicans here in the mission, haha but all of them are freakin crazy. Once again thank you much for the ring, its awesome, and for the Christmas, it was awesome too. But yeah, this week we do have changes and i'm thinkin i'm gonna get a newer elder so im pretty nervous about that. Even though my comp right now is pretty new. Ok so what else do you all want to know about the life here in the south?? We had a baptism last week, that was pretty cool, then Sunday we confirmed her so that was awesome too. She's a great person. I have a picture ill try and send some soon. But im not sure how it happened, haha this area seriously is brutal. But I love it, the food is awesome, the members rock, even though they always search to get us into trouble. That's ridiculous. Once we got home a little late from working, and the next day we had an interview with the bishop saying that we need to follow the mission standards. All I can say is 3rd Nephi 13. I think thats it, it pretty much says to never point the finger unless you are perfect, or your a straight up hypocrite. But yeah, thats what I got this week, another short one.Tell dad and my boys I love them, and all the other people that follow the mish too. And as for Tyler Gohring, tell him its not hard to email me. Its actually pretty easy, and im waiting for an email next week!!!!Oh and tell me about the horse situation you got going there??? Jax ?????Kate????? all that neat stuff. well alright peace out and I love you all.
Elder Beckstead

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Call

It was an exciting day today, Mitch called us around 3:00 and all was here to talk to him. We put him on loud speaker and it was soooooo good to hear his voice. He sounded really good. Everyone had a chance to talk to him. It is really interesting to hear him speak in Spanish. He said he got all our presents and things we sent. That was really good. He said it was cooler there, around 60 degrees. It's around 10 degrees here, so that sounds warm to us.
I think the biggest surprise I got was when he said he was 8 hours out of Teguz for the 1st part of his Mission. That really surprised me. I thought he was more like 1 hour. But he loved the area and the people there are great. It's a lot more modern where he is right now. And he has been eating stuff more like he eats at home.
He says he loves his mission, but misses home and family a lot. That is the hardest part.

He was so grateful to us and told us he loved us many times. Thats the hardest part for us too. We miss him but are happy that he is serving.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Planning the "Christmas Call to Home" por telefono

Ok first of all yes, I would love to go to Roatan after the mission, but we need to get a cruise and spend like two weeks in Roatan so we can come visit Teguz and Choluteca. so yeah thats that. (I was telling him that his 1st grade teacher just returned from a cruise there in Honduras Roatan and she said it was the best part of the trip!) haha Just so you know, my comp is actually really really ugly.(I told him that in the picture his companion looked really handsome) haha no im just kiddin hes a kook though i will tell you all that. So the party sounds absolutely awesome, Colby still sounds like a baller and all that. haha Chuck told me about what happened. with him and the the little dance he performed. haha i probably did teach him that. That is the thing.
So yeah I'm freakin stoked to call you all Christmas day, but an investigator invited me to use his skype, but its against the rules so I guess were just gonna have to talk por telèfono. But yeah, im thinkin im just gonna call you all around 3-5 somtime within that area. haha sorry thats two hours, but i seriously dont know how im gonna do it still. All i need to do is borrow a cell phone I think and thats it. im good to call. But yeah things here are going well aun que me encuentro en un area bien muerto. no hay nadito, pues hay muchos papos aqui y adventista tambien, pero solo eso. no sè porque me mandaron a una area tan muerto. haha have fun translating that. But yeah its a rough area but I guess its good I'm here, cause im willing to work even though I don't see results sometimes. Maybe thats it. haha but we'll see.- All I know is that here in Honduras the work isn't easy. Well there are some areas but only the luckies get called there. haha
I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Chrsitmas, I pray all is well and safe there in the states, all is well here and don't worry, the members here rock so I have plenty of food, i'm gainin all my weight again. haha the other morning the bishop invited me over to the house to eat breakfast, and he's been to the states like 5 times. So we ate bacon, eggs, muffins, and orange juice. It was fantastic. don't get me wrong nothing like one of your breakfasts mom, but it was really really good.They have a daughter going to BYU here in a week too para que sepan. But ya thats all I have today, O and tell Wayne I would love it if he was there to call me on Christmas. it would be really cool. I learned a new neat little language ademas que español. its called effe. its soo cool. haha We'll talk to you all in a few days and peace out
Elder Beckstead

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

well first off im gonna profess, that Kaden will join me here in Honduras, and if not, its set that he will go to the states. but i cant see him in Europe. (Kaden Is another West Side High School friend-he was called to Ohio) Well yes I got that last of the packages today so thank you all very much. they are highly appreciated. But the best Chrsitmas would be to help me buy my comp a present, a 25 dollar backpack. so yeah if thats fine???? Well for one, i know i dont sound the same so im thinkin your all gonna trip out about that a little bit, (I asked him if he was going to sound different when we talked to him on Christmas) but yeah next week im gonna try to send you a video. well see how it works out though alright?? But yeah, my area right now is very very hard!!!!!! My comp has been here for 3 changes so he's really tired of it. We may have one baptism here in a week but well see, here name is Ajejandra, im prayin she does it. but after that, we have nothing. its soooo hard to work here. I thought i was gonna come baptise like crazy here, but it turns out that this place has had missionaries here for like 50 years. So almost everyone has heard the gospel, kinda like the states im thinkin. they just dont wanna change. many people are very very prideful of there church. We will show them scriptures that prove there church wrong, which we shouldnt do, and they still say. Well i like my church more so im gonna go there. haha but its there choice. but yeah I love this area but there are 0 investigators. haha and no i never thought I would be at 7 months. well just 17 more to go right??? hahahaha but yeah let me know where Kaden is Off to. and I love you all very much. until Monday peace out.Elder Beckstead
tell the boys I love them!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

This is Mitch and his Companion from Paraguay

Elder Marecos-This is pictures from the ward

Christmas party-Missionaries with members

Packages Arrived~"YES" 12/7/09

Ok I am fine, and I got two more packages today, so thats three in total, and everyone is very very jelous of me. so thank you. So congratulate Terri and Grandma for me, that is absolutely amazing that they did that. I'm so proud of them, haha.(They did very well at a big barrel race in Vegas) So yeah Honduras has two seasons, well four but they only use two, they use winter and summer or invierno and vierno. Thats all they really use. So that book, you should def send that to me, if its that cool I will def read it.(Chad Lewis "Surround Yourself with Greatness) Its so good to hear that the team is doing that good, Im hopin Tyler wins it all this year, he needs it.(The west Side Boy's Basketball team)And hows Brady doing? I'm thinkin pretty stinkin good.I duno know what time I will be calling or if you have to call me, i'll figure that all out here in a week or two, Hey did Liza get my connection letter??So we usually play whatever, but my personal favorite is basketball when it comes to p-day sports, and where i'm at right now there is an indoor gym, so thats awesome too. haha were gonna play with an investigator today so i'm stoked about that. They are an amazing family. I know nothing about the temple, (I asked him when the Temple building was going to start)so yeah thats that, but yeah all is well here, my area is very very hard, but were working and working and what not. we will see what happens here maybe the faith will pay off. I know it will haaa. But yeah thats all I got this week, nothing to fantastic happened.
Well goodbye and love you all!
Elder Beckstead
ps tell Wayne to write me!

November 30, 2009

Ok first to answer your questions. Im fine, y comp is really cool, haha we have a lot of fun together, and yeah I will be with him until Christmas, I got your fotos too so yeah that was sweet, and my house, or room is pretty small, but cozy. We live behind the members house that owns it. So the keyboard im using is very crappy so there are probably some errors. Yeah I am so excited to play in the turkey bowl in two years, haha wow two more years. But yeah just wait were gonna have some fun, and im thinkin these games will get really crazy con el tiempo. BOB- I love ya have fun fishin and good luck with all. Ok I have zero time Left because I had a huge letter for you all and it was erased somehow. Sorry. Tell the boys and girl I love them. As for the packages, I have gotten 1 so far. so we'll see what bhappens with that. Love you all and peace out.
Elder Becklstead

Monday, November 23, 2009

Missionary Connection Newsletter Entry

November 23, to all the West Side Missionaries
ey que hay missionaries
The first thing I have to say to all of you is this, It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity and privilege of growing up with each and every one of you, and at this moment I just want to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the examples that you all are, have been, and will be in my life. What a pleasure to have been able to grow up with each and every one of you.I may only have about 7 months in the mission here in Honduras, but I can tell you all that I really, really do have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can tell each and every one of you all that I know without a doubt that this is the one true church in the world. And I am very thankful to have been a member and to have the chance to grow up in the church all my life. Even though at times I wasn't the best young cat.Well I guess as you all can see I have changed, ALOT. I think Sid put it perfect in the last connection letter. I' m still me and can joke around and have fun like everyone else, but I just have such a higher perspective on life right now and I actually do have a testimony of the plan of salvation.I want to tell you all that we are in the work most important in the world and for being so, we will all be blessed. I want to tell you all that I love you and once again thank you soo much for the examples you all are in my life.I look forward to seeing you all in two years.
Elder Beckstead

Transfered to Villa Vieja~Uyuca Awesome

November 23, 2009
Well first things first your questions. Well the weather here rocks and i will tell you all why in just a second.the food rocks and that i will tell you in a second too.The answer is yes, i speak in church almost evey week, well i did for a while.The Spanish is coming very well right now. Im starting to feel very comfortable with it.I have received very few letters in pouch.and no i have not gotten a letter from a member of our ward yet.Ok well here we goo...........I GOT CHANGES WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......I loved my first area but it was about time to leave El Triunfo.So I got moved to an area called Villa Vieja, in the zone called Uyuca, and this place is awesome.The climate is very similar to the climate at home. well kinda. Its kinda cold here and I love it. Sometimes I can't sleep cause it is sooo cold and its freakin awesome. I've decided I like cold more than heat.Ok and second, the food here rocks, Every member here is freakin rich, so everyone gives us food. hahaha i love it. And the food is SOOOOO good. Like corn dogs (sounds like a great Thanksgiving treat)and stuff, and the other night i went to a members house to eat and they had another football game on. i should not have watched it, but you all know how weak i become when things like that happen.So they invited me to watch it and i did, but just a little bit. But this was not a regular game.This was On A HUGE BIG SCREEN TV with surround sound. AHHHHH and they gave us orange juice with sandwiches. hahaha its like they put me from the poorest area to one of the richest areas, and i'm not complaining at all. hahaAnd here is somthing really cool that you will all enjoy. My new Comps name is elder Marecos, he is from Paraguay. the only paraguayo here in the mission. haha he's awesome, but he wants to know where Josh is going for his mission.(Josh is a friend of Mitch from High School~he played guard on his basketball team)But its awesome, this dude talks very good Spanish, and he tells me that the people in Paraguay talk very proper and well spanish. haha sometimes he doesn't understand people here they talk so ugly. haha but yeah, so thats whats going on right now. It's awesome here right now. Also here in Honduras they have a thing called coliche, which is like a whole new set of words. for example niño is also whirra, cipote, tito, bitcho, chimpayate, chywini. all for that one word. haha its nuts, and mancear, wow there are so many words it incredible.But yeah, so today we went on an activity to this sight here in Teguz, where i am right now, and i saw elders from the Comaguela mission, or however you spell it. they said they knew Cole so they took a picture of me and they are going to show him when they see him.(Cole is also a friend from High School~other guard on the BB team) haha but yeah, so life is good right now. Well im enjoying it.But yeah, asi es la cosa.I love you all and wish the best for you.
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you Could Hie To Kolob (Spanish)

This is Mitch's favorite MTC song!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"By Their Feet Ye shall know them"

Monday, November 9, 2009

11/9/09 Still in Truinfo

This Picture was sent today 11/9/09
But I think it was taken when Mitch arrived in Tegucigalpa. Honduras
This is his first companion and President Luis Chaverri and President's wife Julieta Chaverri
Que Tal Fam:

Well all is well here in Honduras still. But yeah I'm not in no Amazon, ( I told him about Colby Campbell in Peru)but I'm in a pretty desolate place. Like 45 minutes away from anything. And I mean anything. In my town where there are about 30 churches and no stores. And a lot of evangelicos that think that just by listening to the word is good enough.
Ha Ha How neat dad and Stockton fising in the river. I promise that when I get home I'm going with them a few times, after I sleep in till 11 in my wonderful cozy bed one day.
But yeah things are all well, those two families are awesome, (I asked about the 2 families in the pics from 2 weeks ago)they are both members of the church, but one family is inactive. I had activated them until someone in the ward said something and turned them away from the church in general. So yeah, but it's their fault for taking things so serious and besides they made covenants with God not the people there. Ha Ha but yeah the familia had that Jose kid too, but she wasn't willing to support him so his baptism failed, and I will not baptise a kid without complete support from the family. That is a huge problem where I am right now, people are fighting a lot among themselves to the point where some don't come to church, its rediculous. But thats how it is.
We have been playing a lot of basketball lately here in Honduras, there is an indoor gym here in Choluteca where we come for p-days, so at times we will play ball all day. haha I'm gettin pretty good.
And yeah I have already received my package for Thanksgiving, thank you so much, that pillow is awesome, I love it.
So yeah, ISU almost pulled it off, well tough luck-giv em 2 years haha!!
I went to a members house last night to eat dinner and they had football on the TV. ha it was awesome, me and my comp were just like, well we should ask them to shut it off, but the Cowboys were playing the Eagles. So we just kinda didn't say anything. I couldn't help it. haha But we only saw a little bit!
Well thats about it for today, my last comp was very crappy so we are not havin many baptisms here right now, but the branch president did baptise his little girl so that was awesome, cause he has been having some serious problems with his family, and to see his smile and everything after the baptism was awesome, Wow just think this guy is the branch president and only has 6 months of being a member. He compares me to him a lot cause that's how much time I have in the mission.
But yeah thats whats up, if I stay in this area another change, we'll have some baptisms, but I kinda wanna leave and know more of Honduras.

Well love you all,
Next week we have changes too, we will see what happens

Elder Beckstead

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

Well heres the news.
No we do not set clocks bad here, but nobody really arrives anywhere on time anyway. so.....
But yeah all is well, I really don't know why you are scared. I don't really feel any diffferent right now, so don't worry. It's not as bad as it seems on the TV. (I was worried about the President taking control again) So was just thinking that Cole Richards is here in Honduras right now. That's freakin crazy huh. Haha that dude is here.
So yeah about the young women and relief society, tell them not to marry someone unless they are a RM. Haha it's a joke kinda, but it is really true. It's amazing the things people learn out here in the mission. We learn things that not only help us with the gospel, but with how to be a dad and how to be a better person, and especially patience. I only have like 6 months here and I already realize so many different and new things. But yeah as for Leiza, I'll write you next week that note. People are pushing me to finish so I have to finish fast. HaHa we are gonna go play soccer I guess.
But don't worry at all, I'm safe and I'm gonna stay safe till I get home. I 'm glad you liked the pictures. I'm gonna leave my area here really soon. Well I hope.
Tell dad I'll be home in 2 years to go fishin with him. Tell Tyson the whole pumkin thing really is a great way to get rid of the stress and feelings of dispair.
But yeah that is all the time I have for today. Love you all and talk to you next week
Elder Beckstead

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Things around here are pretty cheap compared to the United States. The currency here is the Lempira. It is not worth much. One U.S. Dollar is worth about 20 Lempiras. A lot of things are extremely cheap, and others no. For example, to get a haircut is only 30 Lemps which is about $1.50 for one haircut. But if you want Pizza Hut, one large pizza is around 200 Lemps, $10. Places like Pizza Hut, Wendy's, McDonald's are some of the nicest places here. They have security guards, waitresses, air conditioning, all the works. I have included One Lempira in this letter, it's worth about 5 cents in U.S. currency.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being very "Humble"

Hmmmmmmmm well about my life. Well I will tell you this, the Marshal islands are probably worse, but I'm not too sure. ( He is refering to Tyson's parents that are serving in a 3rd world country the Marshall Islands)Honduras is the second to poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. There are a lot of people without jobs and a lot of people that live on the streets. But I'm not saying anything bad about the people, just that I have that much more respect for them. I WILL tell you all this though, when I get home, I NEVER WANNA HEAR anyone complain about living conditions ever again. Or about anything that we don't have for that matter. HaHa~ wow this place is poor.
So a neat story, we were walkin down the street the other day and we pass some passed out dude on the road. Hahaha it was hilarious, even though that's not very uncommon here. But yeah, anyway, he was drunk riding his bike, and had passed out while ridin down the road. So we took some pictures, left him a pamphlet of the word of wisdom and went on our way. haha good times!
OK about the food, we had a cook for the first two months, but then my comp didn't wanna pay for food the next month, so thinkin that I would leave the area, I didn't pay for food and just let him do whatever. But he ended up leavin and I stayed here. So we pretty much cook our propia comida. (own food)
So today I will attempt again to send you pictures,(yes we got them-it's been a long time) so yeah, I have seen some very interesting spiders. Haha one that was huge that lived in our pila, and we didn't even know it.
But yeah we never really have running water. Water runs in our area once a week so we have to store it in a pila.(meaning a holding tank type thing for water) Then we use that water to bath and stuff.
But yeah , as for the heat... WOW it is sooo freakin hot here. haha I have second degree burns on my ears and stuff from the sun and heat. But don't worry, it will go away eventually. well just tell the kids I'm working on the wallets and belts. I already have something for everyone. And I'm gonna go buy those ties for Jace and Jesse today or this week I think. But I kinda wanna wait till next change cause if I go to Teguz I can get better for cheaper. So we'll see.
Well don't worry., I strive to be obedient everyday. At times it's really hard just cause of the culture shock and everything. I feel so bad for Cole. (Cole-a good friend of Mitch-from high school landed on his mission in Honduras the day after this e-mail 10/27/09) I remember how bad it sucked the first change here. It's cool and stuff, but you don't understand anything in Spanish. HAHAHAHAHA I'm finally almost to that point now, that I just need to learn some more words.
Well love you all, and I will see you in 18 months~more or less.
Peace out and keep truckin along. AND BE SAFE puchica. And tell Miguel that the word p________ isn't really that bad here in Honduras. Haha I guess that's a Mexico thing. I'll tell you what, they have so many words here that are not found anywhere else. haha
like the word cheque. It means like a check, but also like OK-it's weird
Peace love you all
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

OK so I heard Ricky was AP and about died. Ha Ha! That dude is awesome, and I bet he is changing a lot. I love that man. (one of his good friends serving in Hawaii)

Well I hope Tyler gets better. I love that man, tell him I'm thinking about him and that I am praying all will end up alright for him. (his bro in law thought he had kidney stones-had a bad attack of something-but doing better)

So Peyton is tearing it up huh? Well I don't really have any advice for him, but I will tell him to just give it all he's got. Live with no regrets, and play hard every play, and every down. I can't wait to watch him in high school.(his team beat an undefeated team and will now play in the Mini Dome on Sat. against a big, big team)

Freak, I am starting to miss Idaho. I'm thinkin I'm probably gonna live there all my life. well I hope so anyway.

Well here in Honduras all is well, it's neat that Cole is gonna be here in a couple of days.(another good friend from High School will be in the mission next to Mitch in Honduras)It would be really cool if someone from our area got a call to this mission. Ha yeah Idaho boys here are really well known. I'll tell people I'm from Idaho, then they will just go to town on how many people they have loved from Idaho. I'm not sure why but.... yeah.

Yesterday me and my comp went out to teach and every one of our appointments failed on us. Ha Ha so we just went out for a walk to conocer the area better. so yeah we went out and found this river. It was really, really cool. There were a ton of huge rocks all over the place and neat things like that. That place was sooo cool. I didn't have my camera though~so no pictures. So that stunk.
Yeah that's whats up here in Honduras
I love you all and stay fieled.:) (fieled means:true, loyal, honest, faithful, and trustworthy
Peace Out
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 12, 2009

A new Comp-Elder Holmes!!

OK so it's really cool that you all are talking about the mission through the internet, but i am in the south right now and there are not many missionaries here. But there are 150 missionaries and it's very hard to get to know all of them, I know 20 missionaries in my zone, and around 60 that I have met. But I only know a few newbies and thats it. If I meet them I will tell you.
No I saved that ring for someone else. I dunno who yet, I guess just the next person I see cause I already gave that little kid one of my watchs. so yeah. ( I asked him if he gave out any of the ctr (hlj) rings I sent him.) Well we had a change last change. My comp left Triunfo and another gringo named Elder Holmes came with me to my area. It's awesome. We have a lot in common and we work really really hard. haha it's such a good change but I'm thinkin i'll get moved next change so we'll see what happens. I'm gettin pretty bored of my area. Tell Grandma I did about the same thing to my comp. I dragged him out of a members house and carried him to our investigators house, he told every one in the mission he hated me.. Then I told him to shut up or I'll use my size and make him regret it hardcore. haha That ended all the problems we had. He followed me around like a little pandita or little panda, cause he looked a lot like a panda. haha it was great.
I do not see the President too much. When I do he just teaches us over and over again, but because you said that, at least I have something to talk about with him in the next interview. (I told him I heard the story of his mission President Cheverri's conversion-was in the Ensign Dec. 1996. But yeah if the Vikings win it all, I'm gonna freak out. Brett Farve haha!! Yeah I've heard of Austin Collie and I saw a little of one of there games on TV. It was really cool. It was at Wendy's one day.
So I was really sad to hear about Abby, I hope dad took it alright. Wow I loved that horse, even thought I know I didn't show it sometimes. But yeah.
I have received all the packages from you. and today I got the Halloween one. But I've only got your packages. I need to buy envelopes so maybe I'll get some mail sent to you all soon. I'm trying, I promise.
Well thats all I got
love you all and talk to ya next week
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still in Triunfo-hauling water from the well!!

Groundbreaking for the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple 9-15-09
Picture of the future Honduras Tegucigalpa Temple

Well hola y que tal,

I'm still here in Honduras and alive. Right now nothing really is happening, so don't worry. All is well and I'm thinking we are not gonna see problems, the Lord wouldn't build a temple if he knew there would be problems here in the future. (Check out the Temple and the Ground Breaking Ceremony) Even though they didn't mention it in conference. Well I'm, still here in Triunfo, tomorrow we'll find out if we have changes or not. I'm prayin I'll have a change. I'm really bord of my area and I really don't like my comp, so we were going to have a baptizm but my comp went to the ladies house and fought with her so she didn't let her son get baptized.(Mitch was really excited to baptize a ten year old boy) I don't really wanna talk about that though. He's really buggin me. And we don't talk cause we don't fall well with each other. hahaha but yeah so we get 161 dollars or 3000 limps on our card every month, which isn't really enough. But we survive. I pretty much live off the money that you all send me so don't be shy....haha. so yeah we have a lady wash our clothes and stuff so we don't have to do that, but one thing that sucks is that right now there isn't any water in Triunfo, so we have to haul it in from the well outside. haha that sucks but I can't do anything about it. Hopefully we get water again soon in the faucet. Or better I get a change haha just kidding.

So yeah tell Deon and Chris I get there messages and I'm very thankful for them, tell them I try to answer there questions through this e-mail, but tell them I love them and am very thankful for that. And tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks too. I am so thankful for them.
So yeah, today I bought you all something, well 20 of you. Immediate family and Topher, haha but you'll get them in two years, hopefully you will like it. I can just see myself in the house passing out these things to you all. haha it's gonna be soo freakin cool.
So Jace e-mailed me and told me he wants a bunch of ties, there are ties here for around 5 dollars each, it's better than 30 dollars each. So talk to Trudy about that and find out how many they want, cause I love shopping for ties. I have like 50 right now or more.

So how is Cole doing, has he got it all figured out yet, haha weird he's gonna be here in a month or so, and he's gonna go through the same experiences I had, and the same change. haha sweet.
Well I dunno what else to tell you, thanks for all ~I got another package today, everyone is so jealous of me here. haha love you all and stay outa trouble. I don't wanna get any bad emails, so be extra safe for 19 more months. eh
Love you all and bye
Elder Beckstead

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28,2009 Lockdown

holy cow, thanks for the email. haha

ok so yeah all is well still here and stuff but yeah were on lockdown at
around 6 everynight. (President Maneul Zelaya of Honduras was ousted in late June and now he is back in the country at the Brazilian Embasy the country is having riots etc.) But its not to bad we just work hard till 6. Well the lady thought her kid was to young to be baptized and stuff so we just had to talk to her and stuff but she was not changing her mind. then you bear the testimony and pray the spirit is there to help you. so thats what i did, its amazing how the spirit works through you, I could just see here eyes while I was sayin the stuff that her mind was changed. but yeah the baptism is this Friday, it was gonna be next Saturday but they heard that im probably gonna get a change from my area so they changed it so i could pèrform it. haha
that family loves me. I feel really good though, we went around our area and my comp tries sooooo hard to get everyone to like him. haha but im just chill and always happy with them. so yeah, we went around the other night and he was tellin everyone that im gonna leave my area next change, ha and like three families were like.... freak no dont leave man. hey oscal, you
leave. hahaha beckstead you stay. I though that was pretty funny. you just need to always be happy is one thing i've learned here. always happy but never content.

So tell Josh Roberts that I lost his email, I wana talk to him more and
stuff but i need his email. tell him to email me again. and make sure you do
it cause I wanna tell him some things about spanish.

ok so yeah I hear my team still sucks. hahahahaha thats neat. cause soo
many there are soo freakin cocky.

So yeah im stinking jelous of kevin, he got tot hold mi corazon berfore i
did. im gonna freak out. haha

But yeah so thats about what i got today, were still workin hard, im not
sure i wanna leave my area still, but i do want my comp to leave. hes such a
butt kisser. He breaks all the rules then acts like a perfect missionary
around leaders. haha it makes me mad im just the same always. Thats one
thing i have learned here, is to be yourself, always and if people dont like
you, maybe it wasnt meant to be. you just have to be usted mismo haha.

ok so to hear all this football stuff is killin me, but dont worry its
alright i like to hear whats going on once in a while. im glad you told me!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 21st 2009

OK I will start by answering questions.
Yeah I love the protein, thank you very very much. But don't worry about sendin more until I ask because I have a lot. Congrats on the two heifer calves haha. I got the package with the pictures last week. They were awesome. I love them. And my name in the paper. Haha!(an article I sent him that mentioned him) OK so only Jaxon wants a wallet and not any of the others? I'll buy dad two belts, one of each type. But I need a list of names of who wants what. I have a good friend going home in 4 months so I will send them with him. But you need to hurry and give me the list cause they are only in the South. So about interviews, I've had about 2 with Pres. They are short and we don't really say much. I don't really have anything much to say to him. I'm working and that's all I need to worry about. Yeah I will check out the blog when I'm done with e-mail. Sorry it's hard to send fotos at times, but I'm tryin.
I know Ashley Askwig, she was a good friend there at ISU. She's really, really pretty. I'll tell you that much! haha
OK tell everyone congrats for me. I did read all the e-mail but I don't have time to congratulate each person individualy. haha (I told him about Devyn, Tessa, Aubrey, and Brittani as homecoming royalty) yeah tell Devyn hi and that I didn't miss her birthday I was thinking of her. And Peyton's birthday too. I promise I thought of them. I got the card too, by the way. Thank you. I love you all!!
So I have one cool thing to tell you about a baptism we have this weekend. I will never tell you how many I have baptised or anything like that cause I will never boast about something like that, but...we have a baptism this weekend, it's a young kid that is 10 years old. Anyway, his mom had the hardest time lettin him be baptised cause he's soooo young. I dunno why. But we finally got her with a testimony, so he's gettin baptised. He's such a cool dude. I'll try and send you a picture of the family when I can. They don't give us much time for that...... It's pretty much sheer rain here, and not much else!!
Well I love you all and stay tough
peace out
e b

Sept.15, 2009 Hijo's of Heleman~"Rocky Run"

Well I didn't get an e-mail from the fam this week..But I'll still send you all one. HaHa(I sent him a 1 hour long e-mail and he just did not recieve it-there was a big mix up with other missionaries that day too-according to other mothers from my mm's e-mail-I felt really bad) Well how are you all doing pues. Hopefully pretty good still. Mandi and Chuck sound really good. And Darbi sounds really cute. And I'll get home just in time to see the cutest part of her life. How lucky. But Mandi's kids gonna be just barely comin out.hahahaha(now he's seeing into the future:)So sorry to hear about the football team. They sound pretty rough, but hopefully things turn around pretty fast. Tell Tyson good luck with that. I weighed myself today and I pulled out an astounding 182 lbs. HAHA i'm screw...just kidding, I weigh 216 right now so I'm not tooo bad yet. And I'm in a pretty rough area so I feel pretty lucky. I talked to Elder Brinton yesterday and he told me this, well man your lucky, cause from your does not get any worse. That gave me some comfort. It's all uphill from here I guess.
But yeah sorry you didn't get an e-mail yesterday, I was in Teguz. We had this activity called the Hijo's of Heleman. We went to this really cool place. haha, Tell Tyson I have a recording of me doing the Rocky run up some ancient stairs and Elder Crabb is singin the Rocky music too. It was pretty stinkin fun.
I bought 13 ties and some new cool lookin bags and stuff. So you never told me if Dad ,Tyler, Tate and Tyson want some belts made of crocodile and iguana They are pretty cool. I have one of each and a wallet of crocodile. I love em!
But yeah everything here is dirt cheap so that's cool and pretty...I forgot the word. Those 13 ties costed me 5 bucks. They are all awesome too. But yeah I dunno what else to tell ya all. Things are cool here but still about the same. We are workin hard and puchin forward the word, casi literalmente. Hopefully we will see some more success here in a few weeks.
But yeah I would love to get an e-mail from ya Mom
Peace out and I hope all stays pretty chill there at home.
Love ya all
Elder Beckstead

Monday, September 21, 2009

September 7, 2009 A little horse ride!!!

hey que tal familia y amigos mios:

So I'm here in El Triunfo still doing my thing. I do have one pretty cool story for ya all. The other day our mission President wanted us to go to a place called San Juan. I have never heard of it before, but I guess it's in our area, so we went on divisions and I went with a recently returned missionary and my comp went with some other dude. So we rode in a truck for like 30 minutes then we got to some place and we had to get out and hike. I am pretty sure I am one of the first Gringos to ever arrive at this place, it's just a really really small town in the middle of nowhere, but ya so we were walking and we come to this river where everyone takes off there shoes and crosses. Well I didn't really wanna do that so I'm lookin for a place where I could like jump on an island in the middle of the river or something to avoid the wetness, but then some dude shows up with this horse, and he's like hey you wanna use my horse to cross the river? At first I was like it's against the rules........but.......................yeah, it's for a good cause and to push the gospel forward, so I crossed the river on horseback hahaha it was really cool. But now I want a horse to go to all of my appointments. ha But keep it down cause I did break a little rule. (we decided that it's the Wood in him coming out)That's about all that happened cool this week. That little town is well prepared, I'm thinkin we are gonna baptise about 13 people so it definitely was a great find. it's amazing how the Lord works sometimes.
So that's all I got this week. Yeah the house you saw is the house where I am living right now. It's pretty ugly, but it works. Hey I'll talk to ya all next week, hopefully I got something cool to tell ya again.
PS so I have a hammock in my house that I bought, and I bought a wallet made of crocodile and a belt made of iguana. Tell anyone that if they want something cool like that to just tell me and I'll send it to them through the mail which turns out pretty reliable.

Elder Beckstead

August 31, 2009 Fiesta in El Triunfo

Well I don't really have anything new to tell you, haha well a little bit. I'll start with this, my trainer had a change the last cambio so I have a new comp, his name is Elder Oscal and he is from Guatamala. He's pretty cool, but very very laid back and chill. He's seriously down with anything. He's great cause he's helpin me out a bunch with the language. So far we've been working really hard and we are pretty much constantly walking. I arrived in Triunfo a month and a half ago and we had an attendance of 55, last week we had a total of 94 people at church, it just goes to show if you work hard and rely on the Lord, great things are possible. But in reality we haven't done anything, we work really hard with the members to get them to work and stuff, and the members bring friends with them. So it's really thanks to the members and the President that we've had tanto sucess. So thats been pretty cool.
So I'll tell you something neat from here in Honduras. The word for cool is mazizo. But in English you say it like, masiso. Cause z's make that noise anyway. So theres something cool for ya. So what I do on P-days too. On p-days we come to this city called Guasaule where we meet as a zone and just have class and just chill, usually I hang out with an Elder se llama Roberts. He's from Idaho and he has like 17 months in the mission. He has been teaching me a lot of cool stuff about the mission and about the language, also he's givin me like 20 ties.
He says he's coming to my homecoming in two years. Ha Ha
But also there are a ton of really cool elders here, most are just laid back and chill, but some are really annoying too and love to kiss everyones butt just to sube , or I don't really know what you call it in English. Like go from District leader to Zone Leader. Whatever that is called.
We don't have any baptisms set up right now, but this week we are gonna try to 4 fechas so we will see. So I got two packages today too. I'm not sure which ones cause I haven't seen them yet, but they said one is really big and the other is a little one so we will see. Thanks so much. Sorry it's hard to trust the letters I send from here. Tell me if Bishop got his letter from me and if he did, I'll send more to everyone else. I wanna make sure they are able to arrive before I send a whole bunch and stuff.
So I am glad to hear the first week of school went well. Tell me how Colby did in the rodeo, I'm guessin he didn't end up going if it's anything like the wrestling thing. HaHa. I want another picture of Cattus too.(Cattus is the name Robert wanted Chelsi to name Darbi)
Last night there was a Fiesta in El Triunfo. It was huge. Lights and music pumping all night long. It was crazy and all I could do was watch, listen and try to fall to sleep in our house. Hahaha I wanted to go so bad, but it's neat, people like go in groups walkin towards the Fiesta because if they go alone, they probably will be killed or robbed, or both. So at times it's pretty dangerous I guess. (so it's freaking me out!!!) But we are fine. Ha ha My companionis scared to death of danger though, it's so funny. Hahahaha he's always like, no quiero ir porque hay ladrons por alla, haha. I just say puchica compa soy gringo y grande no tenga miedo, puedo luchar por ti. haha he's really really short and pretty chunky. I'll try to send a foto next week.
One more thing about this place, when we travel in buses and stuff, I always hear people talkin about me, haha they don't think I talk in Spanish. I just say saben que puedo hablar en espanol verdad, and they just shut uphahaha
but thats a long letter for ya!!
con amor
Elder Beckstead

August 24, 2009

well I'll start by answering your questions, first no I didn't even know that there was a dedication. (he's talking about the Oquirrh Temple dedication) this week
The Spanish is coming, with time it will get here but they talk so stinkin fast here it's hard to understand what's going on, and as of right now, I haven't received any of the packages, hopefully they will be in Teguz though. I don't get packages until someone goes to Teguz and brings them here cause we don't really trust the bus drivers here with our stuff. So maybe I have it, we will see. The stuff you sent me from the MTC got here really fast.
My companion was the one in the blue, and the other people were members from our ward, it was an actividad in our branch so yeah, the cross was about 30ft up I think. It was really high and some little dude was just like chillin there, and I was pretty stinkin scared during the whole thing.(I asked him about the pictures the one on the cross) They are seriously crazy here. They do the weirdest things and I swear they don't feel physical pain. One thing about Honduras that I have noticed though is that there are a lot of people with physical illnesses, and a lot with down syndrome. I'm talkin like tons, there are two in our ward alone.
So this week I have my first change, I'm not sure if we have a change in our companionship yet, but we will see. Tell Chuck I only have 15 more changes here. But I hear time flies once you get past your first two, which is cool. Cuando I'm able to speak Spanish great and stuff time will fly cause it will be so much more fun here and especially when I can talk in ff. haha it's another language that I'm gonna learn while I'm here. It's really cool and it's just a little different then Spanish. Well I wanna learn it but first I have to learn to understand everything people tell me haha. I understand all when we teach the lessons, but when were just talking about random things I struggle to find the words to say and to understand all that they say to me. Tell Grandma to write me in Spanish y tal vez la excribire en espanol. Si ella tiene suere pues jajaja
That's my Spanish for the day pues. But yeah I'm guessin you wanna know about our investigators and stuff. We have like 5 right now, well we have more but we have 5 that are really good investigators. Two I'm thinkin we will baptise for sure. But I dunno if I'll even be here the next change pero vamos a ver pues. So yeah that's whats going down. I broke my camera so I have to buy a new one here today or tomorrow. But that's about it. Good luck in everything and let me know how things are going.
Love you all
Elder Beckstead
su amor jajaja

August 17, 2009

The boy behind Mitch is his companion.

Mitch says that the people are very daring, not afraid of anything.
This is lots higher than it looks. Too high for Mitch.

Pushing the Lords work.

Hey fam what's up?
So mom take it easy, I'm not dying I promise. I'm OK. Well the people here know of that Elder Brinton, but I don't really know him. Yeah I have received two packages that you have sent. It takes time for them to get here. But if you could send a package with the powder, that would be awesome.
So about Cole, tell him good luck from me and tell him he is in for an experience like he has never seen before. Tell him to try and stay close to the Lord during his time at the MTC cause he's gonna need his help to make the transition from America to Honduras. It's pretty intense. (Cole is his friend from High School who is going to Comayagula Honduras) The office for Comayagula is in the same building and the same floor so we are not too far from each other. Especially if I end up as an office missionary in the next two changes. I hope not but it's possible.
My comp speaks a little English but not much. It's annoying at times cause he wants to learn~ so he's always askin me questions and tryin to talk in English, I just remind him that it's more important that we talk in Spanish then English right now.
I haven't seen the ocean, but honduras is alright, it's not the states that's for sure. The temp is really, really hot and very humid, so it's really rough at times. But honestly I'm telling you all that is happening, so don't worry so much. (I was afraid he was starving) I'm in a small little ward with about 60 people in it. And we are the only missionaries in Triunfo. I do not see the Mission President very often only once in a while when we have entrevistas.
So yeah I keep in touch with a few people, not everyone, but as much as possible.
I cook breakfast almost every morning now. I bought pancake mix and some bread and eggs, and I make breakfast often. Its alright so don't worry. Really!!
So dividions just means that I went with another comp for a day or two because my comp had to go somewhere else or something.
My hands are really tired and I don't wanna bore you all. This is the last week in this change, so next week i'll probably get a new comp and stuff....vamos a ver
love you all
Elder Beckstead

August 10, 2009

OK well this is the last try...I've written you two huge e-mails that didn't send. Both of them, so sorry this one is going to be short and stuff.
But the same is going on here, we went on divisions last week and it was awesome. So I'm thinking my comp is a little weird now. haha,(wonder what he thinks of Mitch!!hahaha) but yeah he takes the whole trainer thing a little serious, he treats me like I'm his little kid. He shines my shoes and stuff like that all the time. haha But I 'm not gonna complain. I don't ever have to clean my shoes. But yeah, all is well here. Tell everyone I said hi and that i'm thinkin of them and stuff. But yeah I'm going to send two more e-mails for my teachers from the MTC. Please forward them to them. Peace out and I love ya lots.
One more thing.... I'm not lifting because there are no gyms. Please send protien because they taste soooo good to me right now. And put money on my card because I am going to buy some serious food at the market. HaHa send tons of protien!!!!!!

E Beckstead

August 5, 2009

Well thanks for the e-mail again.
So I have a little story for ya before I'll get down with the information. Yesterday at church was the first time I have ever cried during a sacrament meeting. It wasn't hard core, but there were a few tears So... all the members are standing up and bearing their testimonies, and some don't do to well cause I'm not sure they know what a testimony is. But...this little 15 year old kid named Eduardo stood up to bear his and he started off talking about his brother and how he misses him and I couldn't figure out why I was crying and stuff. I know he has a few problems in his family and stuff. He said all this stuff about his brother and how he wishes he could see him again, then he said pero yo tengo fe. It's amazing. Later on I asked Elder Lazo what was wrong with his family . He told me that two years ago his mother died and his whole family spread apart and Eduardo hasn't seen or heard from any of his family since then. Right now he lives with his uncle who doesn't really like him and works and has to pay for everything he has. We are everything to him. He has nothing but us and the church, yet he is so strong. It's amazing. And I realized that this is why i am here, if I can help people like Eduardo and bring the gospel to the people with nothing, then I have fulfilled my purpose as a missionary. It was a very humbling moment for me.

So anyway, on with Honduras. So here in the hottest part of the country all is well, my comp is really cool but he's not the best trainer in the world. He likes to do things himself and always makes things more complicated. He brings many people to Christ be he is very confusing. Latinos just all have different ways of doing things. So yeah, we walk everywhere unless a member wants to give us a ride somewhere which does not happen often cause not many have cars. Tell Grandma she's in my prayers. (She ruptured a disc in her back right during the big part of her rodeo season and can't ride horses for a while) I'm really stoked about the heifer calves dad is having. Just think, when I get home he can sell them all to pay for my college.jajaja

My old comp is in Paraiso Brady's old area. But he's in his house because of some problems there. So yeah, I knew Peter Burton, he was in my district in the MTC so you have a foto of him. Spanish is coming, I'm able to understand more and more about every day.
But Yeah that's quite a bit, sorry it's so long. But today we get to go on divisions, Elder Jenkins is comin with me to Triunfo. He's way cool he's like 6'5 and he's from New Mexico.
Wells that's all for now
Love Ya much
Elder Beckstead

July 27, 2009

Darbi was born on July 23, 2009 after 7 nephews a niece!!!:)Colby and Darbi

OMG I want to be there to hold my neice soo bad, so I'm postponing my mission for a little while and coming home. hahahaha just kidding you can stop freaking out mom! So I can't stop looking at her pictures and I can't wait to hold her in two years. ha ha she'll be cuter then anyway. :( But anyway, yeah I baptized a little boy named Junior. I have photo's of it that I will try to send here in a second. I hope I will be able to do it, but I'm not sure. So we've been workin pretty hard to get a bunch of people back to church and last week we had the highest attendance in church in a while. I just hope we can keep it up.
It's such a culture shock here. haha I'm not too fond of the whole bucket shower thing, but ill get used to it. Anyway our zone is awesome and today the gringos in our zone are gonna take on the gringos in the other zone here in Chuluteca in basketball. Yea I'm pretty stoked about that. I think the Latinos are facin off in soccer too!! That reminds me, the other day all the gringos played the latinos in soccer, and the gringos won. haha the latinos were pretty upset. But it's some good times I love p-days because of that.
So one elder here is from Boise and knows one of the kids that I payed ball with. So it's nice so far. I have lost all my fat in my face and in my butt due to much sweating, but I haven't lost any muscle. It's cool, I feel like I felt in High School a year ago, but yeah it's awesome. I dunno what else to say right now, we do have some new investigators that we are gonna try to make a baptism date this week So that's cool too! But we stay really busy and that's a good thing.
I love ya and peace out!!!
Elder Beckstead

July 20,2009

MOM FAM whats up?
Well I got here and I went straight to work, it's awesome I just wish I could talk to the people a little better. This weekend we have my 1st baptisms so I'm really excited about that too. But our house is pretty nice, it's below standards in the US of course, but it's alright for what we need of it. And no, we don't have a dirt floor. It's a tile a pretty blue tile. hahaha So my first compas name is Elder Lazo. He is from Nicaragua. Bu yeah we get along great and we have quite a bit in common. We are in an area called Triunfo. It is right on the border of Nicaragua. Our area is huge and small at the same time, we have three little towns there and two barrios. One town is a hour and a half walk away from our main town so that's pretty neat. But we are always busy, it seems we work on retencion a little too much and investigators not so much but that's what we need to do. Right now we have around 6 prog inv. so we stay pretty busy with them and what not. But the country Honduras is way cool. It's very green and we see a lot of spiders, iguana, and chickens haha. It's weird, chickens are everywhere and all the dogs just leave them alone, pero cuando a dog see's a cat, wow that dog is on the cat like a fly on poop. Me and Elder Lazo had to save a cat the other day, but the sucker kept following us, so we finally put it in a tree and ran. Hopefully it found a home eh? Well that's all for now, it's awesome and I love it. That's all you really need to know. haha
Love Ya
Elder Beckstead

July 14, 2009

Made It to Honduras Tegucigalpa

Yeah we landed and all is well, It's way cool here everything is sooo different. I haven't met my comp yet, but I will tomorrow morning. The Pres is awesome. He's so happy it's always great to be around him. It's so different here. People speak so fast it drives me nuts. I've been able to talk and understand a little bit, but not very much. When people talk slow I get it, but I still need to build my vocab a lot. But I'm kinda surprised how much I really do know. But yeah, I'm really excited to get out in the field here tomorrow. I think we are all going tracking as soon as I'm sone with this e-mail. But I'm not for sure, I dunno my area or anything hasta tomorrow. Then I'll let you know next week, or when I write back next time. But the food is great so far and we ate at McDonalds last night and it was cleaner then the ones in our towns.hahahaha. Alright, well I gotta go, love you all and you'll get another e-mail next week I hope.
Well Love Ya
Elder Beckstead

July 8, 2009

Hola familia,
Tengo una mas semana antes voy a la Honduras, estoy amimado. Well whats up? All is the same again here. I'm hurrin to finish everything, you should be receiving a package of stuff here in a few days with all the stuff I do not need or don't wanna carry around with me.
Well I'm glad you bought an ipod, it's about time. So you are able to download music off the internet and stuff too? If so I'll be sad you didn't do that years ago. But anyway I hope things work out in Honduras. (The President had been ousted by the local law enforcements and they are having a coop) I leave Sunday night at 9:00PM and my flight leaves SLC around midnight. I may be able to call you all so have everyone be at home, but I dunno for sure what's gonna happen so don't get your hopes up:(. Yesterday I heard some pretty cool things about Honduras. In most places when they talk, they just skip over the S. For example; San Pedro Sula is hanpethrohula. Thats how they say it. I'm soo stoked!!! They talk really, really fast there, I guess at times it's hard for Mexicans to understand what they are saying too. WOW!! and they are really nice too I guess. They won't tell you straight up to leave.
They told me that we need to be straight up with them, it was crazy yesterday, our day was like planned for us, I dunno how to explain it. We planned it out and tried to follow a schedule and stuff, but we ended up doing something completely different and we accomplished all our goals. It was CRAZY. Like one of our teachers wasn't there so they had a sub who went to Honduras and is from Venuzuela. That stuff happened all day long. Tell Malorie Happy B-day from me too, make sure Chris White gets that part.HA HA!!
I'm the flight leader and we have five elders in our group, we go to Atlanta first and then straight to Teguz. Hopefully if we don't leave I will call Monday. Hopefully you get an e-mail Monday and not a call.
Well tell everyone I said what's up and I miss you all, thanks for the ties too, they were awesome. Make sure you give everyone my new address in Teguz too.

Well Love ya and take care
Elder Beckstead

Sunday, September 20, 2009

July 1, 2009

So...I saw all but like two Aposles. It was way awesome. Elder Holland spoke to us and I sat on the like fifth row, at that fireside alone there were seven Apostles. It was so crazy, I loved it. But that was only for last weekend, now it's all back to the same, this week I'm gonna be really busy with class and then next week we will be teaching most of the time yea in Spanish. We had a progressing investigator here too, who was just a teacher that was acting like an investigator out in the field. So that has been pretty cool. But I'm pretty stoked, next week is gonna be so easy, then it's off to the Central Americas. I'm pretty stoked about that. So....
So tell Hawk Happy Birthday for me. I miss him. I got your pictures and they look awesome. Were gonna have to spend a lot of time at Downatta when I get home n 2 years Ha Ha Ha wow. But it's all good. So I got your package today tor the 4th of July. Thank you so much for that. It's awesome, we all loved it. But I didn't get that letter from the President. so...Well I do not have much to say right now and next week will be about the same, but the week after you'll get a huge e-mail with all you could possibly imagine. I wish I had more to say but that is it.

Love Ya
Elder Beckstead

e-mail from Chris White


Well the Spanish is getting better. I forgot to mention this earlier in my moms e-mail so you should mention it to her, but a BYU football player taught our class the other day He was soooooo cool. Then he also taught me in a te so that was pretty great too, He's so stinking big, its incredible. But gimmi 3 years and ill open him. HA HA jk
Well I'm praying for ya!
Mucho Amor
E Beckstead

June 17, 2009

Hola familia y amigos:

Mucho amor de la ccm en Provo, Utah:

How is everything going. Remember I do enjoy a letter once in a while, and this week there was a lack of a single one until Monday. I was a bit sad about that, but esta bien. I miss you all and it's good to hear that Peyton is already doing all that work. I'm proud of the little tike, even thought I would really like Toni to go to church once in a while. Maybe when I get home i'll teach her the first lesson in Espanol. Ha Ha Speaking of which, I taught the first lesson in Espanol, now we no longer even talk too much in English since we have no need anymore. I'm no where near fluent but I can say what is needed to be said and what not. Spanish is way cool. the MTC is all good at the moment, the gripe de chancho is slowly dying down. My comp has been sick these last few days. I love the kid, he has a great heart. We clash somewhat, but we both have the same desire to serve. Well I'd write you in Spanish, but I am out of time. I love ya and stuff and I miss you all so very much. Send a letter soon.
E Beck

June 24 e-mail
You have some pretty random Spanish there Lor, haha-it's neat. So I didn't get any mail today so I won't have to worry too much about the whole writing thing. It's good to hear things are settling down I guess. Haha now Chelsi knows how I have felt the last few weeks. (Chelsi 8 months pregnant was exposed to Swine flu) There are still people locked up wit the gripe de choncho. Pero aqui esta bien. Salgo le ccm en doc semanas mas. es no bueno Cosas aqui estan muy uh......monontinous. Same thing every day all day. It's rough but I'll make it. So I guess ur all doing a lot of fishin then eh??? Thats good. I do miss that stuff an just chillin with the boys. I've taught about 20 lessons now in Spanish so thats neat. I'm learning more about it everyday, but it takes a lot of studying. But like I said, there is not much to write that has not been said When I leave for the mission field, I'll have more to say, but as of right now, I got nothing. Same old, same old.
One minor thing I guess, the President is probably talkin to us this weekend sometime. Well I love ya! The Apostles will be walking around the MTC this weekend too. So I could pretty much run into anyone of them just while walking to class. But that's it.
Love ya and have a great one
E Beck

June 10, 2009

Well that whole global warming thing isn't working out too well is it. Now I just need to pray that the rain stops so Dad can cut and bail his hay. Ha Ha!! I love Mandi, make sure you send me a letter twice a week telling me that everyone is alright, I was freakin out this week cause I don't know how Dad, Grandpa and the kids are doing. Even if that's all the letter says. Things here are much better now, the swine flu has ran it's course in our zone and we are all back and out of isolation. Well the four that left are, on kid had to go home, it was really hard cause he was a great friend of mio. Yeah I sent it all in Spanish, (he's talking about a letter to Norm she's learning Espanol) when I get home I'll teach her all the Spanish conj and everything. She'll love it!!I love it, I taught a lesson in strictly Spanish yesterday, and I did most the teaching cause my comp is strugglin a little with the language, but it was awesome, I didn't know a word or two, but for the most part the words just flowed out of my mouth. and I knew exactly how to answer most of their questions. Sometimes I get lost though. Haha. Yeah my English is terrible now though, it's awful, I can't say any big words anymore. Everything I say is just plain and straight up. No neat adjectives or anything. But I hear that it's a good sign. I can't wait to get home and talk to David Bingham. Ha! nobody else will know whats going on. We'll have our own conversations. But half our mission zone is going to Tampico Mexico so it's neat. Elder Heppler is sending him a message from me so.. but yeah, one month left before I go to Honduras, the Spanish is alright I'm trying to learn 40 verbs a day, so if that goes well I should be pretty fluent by time llavar , or arrive.

I love you
and peace out:)
Elder Beckstead

Letter to Chris White:

The Spanish is going pretty good. I'm learning aroungd 40 vocab words a day, but I'm not sure most of them are sticking. But I'm reading the scriptures daily in Spanish and so far that has helped me out a TON. The flu epidemic is nearly over, and all my friends are home and safe in their dorms instead of isolation. The MTC is great. Elder Bednar came and spoke last night, he was sooooooooooooooooawesome. I loved it, and I had to pee really bad throughout the entire time as well, so you know it was good if I stayed that long. You know I love to write ya. I miss Jesse. I miss him a ton. I am glad I finally got a hold of him. Well have a great one, love ya all. La iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdidera.
Elder Beckstead out

June 3, 09 Swine Flu

When Mitch tells us to "take care of his boys, these are the ones he's talkin about!"

They are sittin on Grandpa's rock at the ranch!!!:)

Hey fam,

Well I would say all is well here at the MTC, but we kinda have a flu epidemic bouncing around. 4 Elders from my zone are in isolation and at least one of them actually have the swine flu! It's pretty intense. I was sick for a day and had to stay in my room all day last Sunday, but all is well for me now, but we don't get to see any of those elders for at least a week. I would hate to be them! The Spanish is startin to come along pretty nicely, I can say quite a bit when it comes to churchy stuff and gospel and what not. I can also do contacting in strictly espanol. It's pretty cool to have a conversation in Spanish and know what's going on. My comp didn't have any Spanish in his past, but he had a lot of Japanese, he's strugglin but recently I've been making him speak to me in mostly Spanish and I let him do all the talking during contacting (sometimes) and he's starting to pick it up. He's really good with the gospel knowledge. He knows everything I swear, during lesson, he can just take over and say it all, but he's nice enough to allow me a few words and a testimony once in a while. It's crazy, I've gone from being scared to share my testimony to sharing it like a thousand times a day all to different people. Our teachers are awesome!! Hermomo Aldridge looks just like Matt Damon, And his name is Jason. Think About it??? Jason_______? From every ones favorite movies. It's neat . He's amazing too. I can't believe how much I have learned from him alone. So how is Chuck holding up?? And Mandi?? and Toni?? Other than that it's all the same hear We get a new district today so I'm really excited. Were no longer the newbies of our zone. But I'm pretty sure the new district will all get really sick before the week is over and have to be isolated the way things look so far, so the old feeling won't last long. It's amazing you can always tell whose been here and all the newbies just because the ones that have been here have a greater knowledge of the gospel. I can't believe the difference. It's like they carry themselves more upright and they just look older. Then they go to the mission field and start all over again. One last thing, no missionaries are leaving the MTC for another week, we have two districts in our zone that are supposed to leave but can't till next week, so it's gonna get pretty crowded here in a few days. Well I love you all, stay safe and keep my boys safe. Love Ya!!

This e-mail was to Chris White:

Well it's good to hear Jesse is all right. I love the kid, my comp is gettin after me right now about being on the computer for too long so I have to hurry, as you can tell he's pretty much a stiffler but he's a great guy. Once he hears a rule, he follows it to a tee. I forgot to mention this in her email, so could you tell my mom that no apostles have spoken yet. But I am so glad to hear from you, I love gettin letters and emails from people. It makes my day every time. It's good to hear about the rain too, we need it. Well I was sick last Wednesday to Sunday but I am fine now. (Notice he told Chris this and not me) 3 kids in my zone have the "swine". They are locked up all by themselves. Its CRAZY. The virus breeds like bunnies in the MTC. But all will be fine in a few I hope. Well he's buggin me again. Well I love ya!!!

hasta luego
Elder Beckstead

May 26, 2009

Well I didn't have time to read your entire e-mail and write you back, so I had to just skid over the e-mail , sorry I'm just almost out of time. TheThe MTC is still pretty great, there are a lot of kids in our zone that I met before and didn't really know it. There is a kid from Bear Lake, one from Dixie that I played with at USU football camp and several others that I had heard of or knew. I also talked to Derek Ward from Malad and I saw a kid from Firth that was on their ball team and Treg Corbridge from Aberdeen. It was pretty neat.

The Spanish is pretty cool. I just have a few minutes to read e-mails. The lessons are coming alright too. I'm hoping that I am able to contact in full Spanish by this weekend. I am working my hardest and praying a lot to keep the spirit with me when I learn. But I have to go now.

I love you