Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28,2009 Lockdown

holy cow, thanks for the email. haha

ok so yeah all is well still here and stuff but yeah were on lockdown at
around 6 everynight. (President Maneul Zelaya of Honduras was ousted in late June and now he is back in the country at the Brazilian Embasy the country is having riots etc.) But its not to bad we just work hard till 6. Well the lady thought her kid was to young to be baptized and stuff so we just had to talk to her and stuff but she was not changing her mind. then you bear the testimony and pray the spirit is there to help you. so thats what i did, its amazing how the spirit works through you, I could just see here eyes while I was sayin the stuff that her mind was changed. but yeah the baptism is this Friday, it was gonna be next Saturday but they heard that im probably gonna get a change from my area so they changed it so i could pèrform it. haha
that family loves me. I feel really good though, we went around our area and my comp tries sooooo hard to get everyone to like him. haha but im just chill and always happy with them. so yeah, we went around the other night and he was tellin everyone that im gonna leave my area next change, ha and like three families were like.... freak no dont leave man. hey oscal, you
leave. hahaha beckstead you stay. I though that was pretty funny. you just need to always be happy is one thing i've learned here. always happy but never content.

So tell Josh Roberts that I lost his email, I wana talk to him more and
stuff but i need his email. tell him to email me again. and make sure you do
it cause I wanna tell him some things about spanish.

ok so yeah I hear my team still sucks. hahahahaha thats neat. cause soo
many there are soo freakin cocky.

So yeah im stinking jelous of kevin, he got tot hold mi corazon berfore i
did. im gonna freak out. haha

But yeah so thats about what i got today, were still workin hard, im not
sure i wanna leave my area still, but i do want my comp to leave. hes such a
butt kisser. He breaks all the rules then acts like a perfect missionary
around leaders. haha it makes me mad im just the same always. Thats one
thing i have learned here, is to be yourself, always and if people dont like
you, maybe it wasnt meant to be. you just have to be usted mismo haha.

ok so to hear all this football stuff is killin me, but dont worry its
alright i like to hear whats going on once in a while. im glad you told me!


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