Monday, September 21, 2009

August 31, 2009 Fiesta in El Triunfo

Well I don't really have anything new to tell you, haha well a little bit. I'll start with this, my trainer had a change the last cambio so I have a new comp, his name is Elder Oscal and he is from Guatamala. He's pretty cool, but very very laid back and chill. He's seriously down with anything. He's great cause he's helpin me out a bunch with the language. So far we've been working really hard and we are pretty much constantly walking. I arrived in Triunfo a month and a half ago and we had an attendance of 55, last week we had a total of 94 people at church, it just goes to show if you work hard and rely on the Lord, great things are possible. But in reality we haven't done anything, we work really hard with the members to get them to work and stuff, and the members bring friends with them. So it's really thanks to the members and the President that we've had tanto sucess. So thats been pretty cool.
So I'll tell you something neat from here in Honduras. The word for cool is mazizo. But in English you say it like, masiso. Cause z's make that noise anyway. So theres something cool for ya. So what I do on P-days too. On p-days we come to this city called Guasaule where we meet as a zone and just have class and just chill, usually I hang out with an Elder se llama Roberts. He's from Idaho and he has like 17 months in the mission. He has been teaching me a lot of cool stuff about the mission and about the language, also he's givin me like 20 ties.
He says he's coming to my homecoming in two years. Ha Ha
But also there are a ton of really cool elders here, most are just laid back and chill, but some are really annoying too and love to kiss everyones butt just to sube , or I don't really know what you call it in English. Like go from District leader to Zone Leader. Whatever that is called.
We don't have any baptisms set up right now, but this week we are gonna try to 4 fechas so we will see. So I got two packages today too. I'm not sure which ones cause I haven't seen them yet, but they said one is really big and the other is a little one so we will see. Thanks so much. Sorry it's hard to trust the letters I send from here. Tell me if Bishop got his letter from me and if he did, I'll send more to everyone else. I wanna make sure they are able to arrive before I send a whole bunch and stuff.
So I am glad to hear the first week of school went well. Tell me how Colby did in the rodeo, I'm guessin he didn't end up going if it's anything like the wrestling thing. HaHa. I want another picture of Cattus too.(Cattus is the name Robert wanted Chelsi to name Darbi)
Last night there was a Fiesta in El Triunfo. It was huge. Lights and music pumping all night long. It was crazy and all I could do was watch, listen and try to fall to sleep in our house. Hahaha I wanted to go so bad, but it's neat, people like go in groups walkin towards the Fiesta because if they go alone, they probably will be killed or robbed, or both. So at times it's pretty dangerous I guess. (so it's freaking me out!!!) But we are fine. Ha ha My companionis scared to death of danger though, it's so funny. Hahahaha he's always like, no quiero ir porque hay ladrons por alla, haha. I just say puchica compa soy gringo y grande no tenga miedo, puedo luchar por ti. haha he's really really short and pretty chunky. I'll try to send a foto next week.
One more thing about this place, when we travel in buses and stuff, I always hear people talkin about me, haha they don't think I talk in Spanish. I just say saben que puedo hablar en espanol verdad, and they just shut uphahaha
but thats a long letter for ya!!
con amor
Elder Beckstead

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