Monday, November 23, 2009

Transfered to Villa Vieja~Uyuca Awesome

November 23, 2009
Well first things first your questions. Well the weather here rocks and i will tell you all why in just a second.the food rocks and that i will tell you in a second too.The answer is yes, i speak in church almost evey week, well i did for a while.The Spanish is coming very well right now. Im starting to feel very comfortable with it.I have received very few letters in pouch.and no i have not gotten a letter from a member of our ward yet.Ok well here we goo...........I GOT CHANGES WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......I loved my first area but it was about time to leave El Triunfo.So I got moved to an area called Villa Vieja, in the zone called Uyuca, and this place is awesome.The climate is very similar to the climate at home. well kinda. Its kinda cold here and I love it. Sometimes I can't sleep cause it is sooo cold and its freakin awesome. I've decided I like cold more than heat.Ok and second, the food here rocks, Every member here is freakin rich, so everyone gives us food. hahaha i love it. And the food is SOOOOO good. Like corn dogs (sounds like a great Thanksgiving treat)and stuff, and the other night i went to a members house to eat and they had another football game on. i should not have watched it, but you all know how weak i become when things like that happen.So they invited me to watch it and i did, but just a little bit. But this was not a regular game.This was On A HUGE BIG SCREEN TV with surround sound. AHHHHH and they gave us orange juice with sandwiches. hahaha its like they put me from the poorest area to one of the richest areas, and i'm not complaining at all. hahaAnd here is somthing really cool that you will all enjoy. My new Comps name is elder Marecos, he is from Paraguay. the only paraguayo here in the mission. haha he's awesome, but he wants to know where Josh is going for his mission.(Josh is a friend of Mitch from High School~he played guard on his basketball team)But its awesome, this dude talks very good Spanish, and he tells me that the people in Paraguay talk very proper and well spanish. haha sometimes he doesn't understand people here they talk so ugly. haha but yeah, so thats whats going on right now. It's awesome here right now. Also here in Honduras they have a thing called coliche, which is like a whole new set of words. for example niƱo is also whirra, cipote, tito, bitcho, chimpayate, chywini. all for that one word. haha its nuts, and mancear, wow there are so many words it incredible.But yeah, so today we went on an activity to this sight here in Teguz, where i am right now, and i saw elders from the Comaguela mission, or however you spell it. they said they knew Cole so they took a picture of me and they are going to show him when they see him.(Cole is also a friend from High School~other guard on the BB team) haha but yeah, so life is good right now. Well im enjoying it.But yeah, asi es la cosa.I love you all and wish the best for you.
Elder Beckstead

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