Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Companion Elder McAllister

Whuts up family, well it’s good to hear that you finally got my letter last week. Well I hope you get another this week too cause im trying to send one every week until the end of my mission. It sounds like everything is going well there in the states, I better not hear that West Side looses to Malady again though, that would make me pretty mad.

It's good to hear that my laptop is still in good order, so thats pretty good and my phone, but now that the contracts up im gonna be wanting a new phone when I get back, there are a whole bunch of people that want to call me after the mission too so I hope that number stays the same.

Well sounds like ISU had a pretty good week too, Hahaha thats the good thing about bye weeks. They need the rest too; I hear there going to be playing against Georgia as well, who knows maybe we will be hearing about an upset in a few weeks. I hope so.

So I did have a change, I’m with a new comp in the same area, My new comps name is Elder McAllister from Washington, he's really cool and super chill, were going to be working really hard this change. So yeah im pretty excited about that.

So there is a family in my area here that could use some help, from when you were talking about clothes and stuff. They have a 6 year old boy that has almost 0 clothes, so if the organization wants to send some clothes that would be alright. I don’t know his size; I just know that he's 6.

Well I had a great week here in Honduras, it was getting pretty hot there again for a few days, but now it’s starting to cool down, seems like another hurricane might be on the way or something, which is ok cause now we not going to have many problems with the heat. Man I don’t like that heat.

So you all sound pretty excited that the mission is winding down. Ha-ha I don’t know, it still feels like I have a lot more time to go for me. A winter and most of a school year. So don’t get too excited. We are going to have a good time when I get home though, but im not sure im going to want to go straight to Disney land when I get home? I kind of want to stay on the dl and chill there with the family. I don’t know what you all think about that but that how I feel about that situation. But we’ll see. Right??So i'm about outta time. I love you all very much and hope you have a great week.

Peace out and keep up the good work.

Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cousin Kade received his call. So Dakota

whats up family,
so NO, nobody here is married, its soo frustrating. the mission is concentrating on families right now, but every time we find a family we have to get them married and stuff, since ive been in my area I've had to pay for 3 marriages, but its worth it cuz all the people that got baptized are pilas and already have callings and stuff in the church. so thats way cool.
So bummer that ISU lost to Weber, I even feel bad for that kicker, I bet there were lot of people really really mad at him. but o well.
All is well here in the mission, just a quick question?? when you mentioned a laptop, did that happen to be my laptop??? just wondering.
So yeah, umm I laughed out loud when I heard Kades call. Im sorry but that just sounds so perfect for him. hahaha everyone is starring at me like im crazy or something.
Ite so what else is new with the future missionaries from West Side. I think there are quite a few of them there. but who knows, I know Brady will be takin off here pretty dern quick as well. so when does Kade leave??
Man when you said you were there watchin football I about died, you don't know how badly I wanna watch football right now. and play it, Today we did play a little bit here in Hondo, but it wasnt anything special. so yeah I played QB though. Oh and Elder Brown did throw me a touchdown pass too. So that was neat I guess. I had fun. Elder Thatcher is way good.
So its good to hear that everyone is doin good and stuff, sounds like West Side has a tough game this weekend, they better win or else. haha who am I to talk with ISU hahaha.
SO about hna dixon, yes I have seen her several times, I have never been in the same zone as her, but I have talked to her several times.
Well its sweet to hear that y'all saw Rod n stuff. haha i loved that kid, hes really really crazy.
but a really good person. Its to bad hes had a few problems there on the team. I just hope things go a little better. Hey have you guys seen Benny Laporta play??? I hung out a lot with him in college too, but im not even sure if he plays anymore, you should find out there for me. that would be sweet. Ite well Thats all for this week. I love you all very much and still hope that god blessses me with a new truck when I get home. hahaha just kiddin sort of.
Love you
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Sweet Baptism Pedro and Olga!!

Hey family whats going on??? Hows the battle going out there in the yunais. ha as they say here in Honduras.
Well its sounds like everything is going well, and I keep seeing pictures of this freakin adorable girl that I wanna hug and hold soooooo bad, but shes quite a ways a way so im gonna have to wait about 7 months, but when I get there I CALL HER!
OK, So mom, ur Spanish is gettin pretty good there, dont worry, when I get home we'll have some neat chats and stuff, y tambien con la abuela. vamos a hablarnos solamente en el español, a fin de que aprenda mas mi abuela y espero que ella se ecuentre bien y con dios siempre. pues la extraño y pienso en ella diario. y tambien de los demas de la familia. incluso mi tio extraño WAYNE HOLE. jaja
ite? Send that To Grandma and tell her thank you sooooooo much for the support and that I love her con todo mi corazoncito. ja ok
Tell Bruce and Jeri thanks alot too, they are awesome people and I cant wait, tell Bruce that were gonna have a barbeque when I get home.
Its gonna be a good time. You know, im not gonna have to much time to work cuz im gonna be playin it up there in Idaho, and Chris wants me to go to Arizona as well, which would be really, really fun as well, so my summer is gonna be a busy one, but I dont wanna think about that right now.
I gotta keep going hard core in the work. This week we had a sweet baptism, We baptised an old couple, his name is Pedro and hers is Olga. They are awesome and crazy. haha First we married them, then they were baptised in the same day. Hno Pedro already has a calling. So were way excited about it.
So mande saludos a toda la familia. Espero que todos esten bien and tell mi tio whats up as well.
So I got the package today and me and my comp enjoyed some amazing no bake cookies. They were soooooooooooooooooooogoood thank you sooo much. and the tootie fruitys as well. I was in heaven this morning.
LOVED IT thanks soooo much
Well about the classes and major thing, I sent you a letter explaining all of that. so I hope you get it, and I sent some money for Lincoln Mumfords kids and Lukes kids, so they have some cool limpiras. I hope they like them. I was thinkin the other day that I wonder if they still play ball there in the churh in the morning. That would be sweet to play when I get home. ha
I love you all and sorry if my email is boring this week. I'm a lil short on time. I love you all and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 4, 2010

Success in Villa Verde

And this is "Darbi " who he has not yet met!
These are pictures of Mitch with "his Boy's" taken in Nov. of 2008

Bottom row: Blaize, Parker, Colby, Eli and Peyton
Top row: Jaxon, Mitch and Stockton

I asked him how the boys from Cache Valley are doing? His comp went to Mountain Crest, and in his Zone is Elder Brown from SkyView. When he refers to his boys, it is his 7 nephews.

Well your boys are just fine so dont worry,
How yall doing there in the good ole West Side????
Well here I am lovin the mish still and were trying to get even more work done here in our area, but it's a little hard cuz the zone is having alot of success and we dont have much time, were always running around and working to get marriages done and others things like that. but its good, I like being busy, there for a week we werent really busy at all and I got a little bagy like they say here. SO I gotta stay busy.
It sounds like West Side is doin a good job. thats good, its good to hear about the success.
So about conference, well everthing was awesome, I loved Uchtdorfs talk on Saturday. It helped me out soooo much with how busy we are right now, and I loved all of the talks about families and parents. I really learned this weekend about how great of a mother you really were, seriously thank you sooo much, I dont think I would be here without your help and the boys help, I really am truly blessed.( And dont even think about erasing this part from the main email.) so yeah.....thanks.}
So its great to hear about my boys, make sure they know that I love them and that I am their favorite, ite. If Darbi cant say my name when I get home theres gonna be trouble.
so just so you all know. hahaha
So yeah all of the baptisms went through this weekend I was very happy about that. I'm having a great time in my new area and God really is putting people in our path everywhere I go. So yeah life is awesome.
That sucks about ISU I really wanna know whats going on there in ISU they seem to have potential and then that happens. We really need to find out what to do.
but o well.
Elder Brown goes to a ward thats about 2 hours on bus away from our area. I see him alot, but not really frequently, just Pday and Thursday. and sorry in advance if I happen to eat all the treats you send to elder Brown and Cotton. hhahahahahahaha just playin.( I told him I sent jerky and some treats to him, Brown, Thatcher and Cotton)
well I love you all and hope everything is going well there in the USA
Elder Beckstead