Monday, May 16, 2011

My Mission ended Perfectly:)

Hello everyone. This is E Becksteads last e-mail. He is right, I am baggy. May 13th was his year mark, so we are in the 3rd year now. I am ready to see him again. It's all been for a very good purpose. I want to thank everyone who supported him and remembered him in their prayers. That is what kept him safe and helped him with his success. A mission is a great work and I am greatful that he was blessed with good health and strength to have the opportunity to serve.
Thanks again

Haha! WOW my Mom is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Baggy!!!
I guess we deserve it cause its all about over, what an experience right??? This week has been great, I ended my mission perfectly. In church we had a total of about 65-70 people, not too bad for a new branch right?? Then as I left all the people from the community came and shook my hand, haha some even gave me hugs and stuff. I know I'm not supposed to hug but I would try to avoid the hug and they would give me one anyway, so I didn't know what to do. My week with Tyler was awesome, I realized that I have changed quite a bit, but he says I'm still pretty normal so thats a good thing.
Oh and I cant wait to tell you about Hno Mario, he's a guy I baptised this weekend, he came running out with tears in his eyes and gave me a huge hug and told me to make sure and visit him soon. haha I love that guy!!!! I dont have much to say but tomorrow we'll have a good ole fashion chat there at home, don't even worry.
Just make sure everyone is safe and sound. I love you all and can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Elder Beckstead
I gave the treats you sent to everyone, they loved them!!!!!! It brought tears to the eyes of a very poor family that we baptised. So thank you, they sent you something too.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, May 9, 2011

A lot of work to do-Tyler will be there tomorrow!!

haha mom dont worry, i'll send you an email, but why do you want an email, if you wait just a few hours more and ill be there telling you face to face what happened. (I told him to e-mail me Monday and tell me about his last week)
As of right now im thinkin about going to El Triunfo and Iberia and probably just hanging out a lot in CedeƱo cause we have a lot of work to do there and I would like to find a few more people for after I'm gone to to help out my comp a little bit. So yeah were not too set yet with everything but I'm sure he's(Tyler) gonna love it, well I hope, we'll see if he likes the missionary lifestyle for a few days, and there will be three, two families this weekend getting baptised, Hno Mario and Martha and Hna Bertha and Ramon, and a lady named Pazita and another little girl that is Marios grandaughter. It's gonna be crazy here in a few hours. It's weird cause I know that as I write this Tyler is getting ready to come here, hahaha cazy, but yeah I dont know what to tell you cause I talked to ya all last night, but todays pday was wayyyy cool. We got to play basketball with all the missionaries here in the south again for one last time and it was a blast. Really it was a good way to end. So yeah I had a great unofficial last pday. Heres a cool story, Hna is from El Salvador, hes been trying to get baptised for a year now and nothing, because he had to go to El Salvador and bring his papers, but we finally got him set up with the help of some member lady from there, El Salvador, he got the papers ready and now this weekend hes gonna get baptised. I'm really excited cause its going to be my last weekend too. So yeah it will be a great week-.Love you all

Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Other Side of Heaven!!

Hey there fam!!!

Whats up, here everything is good. I am having a good time makin fun of my comp, this is his first time for him here in the south and his skin is not taking kindly to the change, oh and the mosquitos are loving the new white flesh.. hahaha good times!!

But yeah this area is doing better now that Semana Santa is over, we had a good asistence yesterday...well an average attendence, but we were pretty happy, and yes the marriages are going to be going through which is something that will be super awesome, in the end we are going to have three, so we are really excited. everything is starting to work out so we're pretty pumped about that.
So fill me in on the US, whats new there??? Am I going to walk into a new world or what? I'm not gonna lie, im a little nervous.
I'm excited for Tyler to come too, dont worry were not gonna do anything stupid MOM. haha
We were going to do some really cool things like go to Copan and stuff, but now we can't cuz we have too much work to get done in our area, so we'll probably spend quite a bit of time in my area, I'm gonna teach him how to contact. haha hes gonna love the area,
Have you ever seen the other side of Heaven?? It's kinda like that here, but the people aren't huge Samoans, instead they are really small Latins that spend all their time fishing and finding ways to survive and feed their families. It's a pretty intense experience really. I've never seen people this poor in my life. It's not uncommon to see a passed out person in the street from too much of the beer.
There are palm trees everywhere too, and coconuts, haha i have a cool video for yall of a guy climbing up a tree to get us some coconuts to eat.
So things are going awesome and i'm super stoked for Tyler to come next week.
Love you all and have a great one
Elder Becktead