Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

well first off im gonna profess, that Kaden will join me here in Honduras, and if not, its set that he will go to the states. but i cant see him in Europe. (Kaden Is another West Side High School friend-he was called to Ohio) Well yes I got that last of the packages today so thank you all very much. they are highly appreciated. But the best Chrsitmas would be to help me buy my comp a present, a 25 dollar backpack. so yeah if thats fine???? Well for one, i know i dont sound the same so im thinkin your all gonna trip out about that a little bit, (I asked him if he was going to sound different when we talked to him on Christmas) but yeah next week im gonna try to send you a video. well see how it works out though alright?? But yeah, my area right now is very very hard!!!!!! My comp has been here for 3 changes so he's really tired of it. We may have one baptism here in a week but well see, here name is Ajejandra, im prayin she does it. but after that, we have nothing. its soooo hard to work here. I thought i was gonna come baptise like crazy here, but it turns out that this place has had missionaries here for like 50 years. So almost everyone has heard the gospel, kinda like the states im thinkin. they just dont wanna change. many people are very very prideful of there church. We will show them scriptures that prove there church wrong, which we shouldnt do, and they still say. Well i like my church more so im gonna go there. haha but its there choice. but yeah I love this area but there are 0 investigators. haha and no i never thought I would be at 7 months. well just 17 more to go right??? hahahaha but yeah let me know where Kaden is Off to. and I love you all very much. until Monday peace out.Elder Beckstead
tell the boys I love them!!!

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