Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 21st 2009

OK I will start by answering questions.
Yeah I love the protein, thank you very very much. But don't worry about sendin more until I ask because I have a lot. Congrats on the two heifer calves haha. I got the package with the pictures last week. They were awesome. I love them. And my name in the paper. Haha!(an article I sent him that mentioned him) OK so only Jaxon wants a wallet and not any of the others? I'll buy dad two belts, one of each type. But I need a list of names of who wants what. I have a good friend going home in 4 months so I will send them with him. But you need to hurry and give me the list cause they are only in the South. So about interviews, I've had about 2 with Pres. They are short and we don't really say much. I don't really have anything much to say to him. I'm working and that's all I need to worry about. Yeah I will check out the blog when I'm done with e-mail. Sorry it's hard to send fotos at times, but I'm tryin.
I know Ashley Askwig, she was a good friend there at ISU. She's really, really pretty. I'll tell you that much! haha
OK tell everyone congrats for me. I did read all the e-mail but I don't have time to congratulate each person individualy. haha (I told him about Devyn, Tessa, Aubrey, and Brittani as homecoming royalty) yeah tell Devyn hi and that I didn't miss her birthday I was thinking of her. And Peyton's birthday too. I promise I thought of them. I got the card too, by the way. Thank you. I love you all!!
So I have one cool thing to tell you about a baptism we have this weekend. I will never tell you how many I have baptised or anything like that cause I will never boast about something like that, but...we have a baptism this weekend, it's a young kid that is 10 years old. Anyway, his mom had the hardest time lettin him be baptised cause he's soooo young. I dunno why. But we finally got her with a testimony, so he's gettin baptised. He's such a cool dude. I'll try and send you a picture of the family when I can. They don't give us much time for that...... It's pretty much sheer rain here, and not much else!!
Well I love you all and stay tough
peace out
e b

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