Monday, May 31, 2010

It's raining hard in Honduras!!!!

Well first of all tell Brandons Grandpa thank you. from elder beckstead.
Well here in Honduras its a little bit different, Its kinda chilly, which is a huge change that is weird, But I guess there is a tropical storm near or something cause its rainin like crazy the streets are filled with water and its muddy everywhere we go. ahhhhh its soo bad.
so yeah thats how it is here.
Yes I got the cookies you all sent me, which were very very good by the way, thank you very very much. ummmm I no longer have grandmas blanket because its a warm blanket and I cant afford to carry it with me, So I gave it to my last comp. which is ok.

So Tyson is off to Iraq huh, well q le vaya bien. I'll have to pray for him for now on at night, I sure hope hes safe and makes it out of there all right.
And Nick too, wow thats nuts!! I wonder, I thought all the soldiers would have been out of there by now. according to Obama. but I guess not.(his cousin Tyson and Nick has been deployed to Irac. They will leave in Sept and Nick will come home as change early from his mission in Mexico to get ready to go with his group)
Well Im glad you got to speak in sacrament, I just hope you didn't try to make me look like something i'm not.
Im sooo stoked that Jeff is gonna serve as well, wow hes gonna be in the mtc within like 2 days huh. well tell him that Elder Beckstead says good luck and that I love him.
Ok so the difference between the two positions here in the mish isnt much, Just more chances to grow and progress, and trust me, those chances come by often. but it doesnt mean anything special. ( I asked him the different responsibilities between DL and ZL I think he is trying to say that every missionary no matter what responsibilities is special)
So how are things there in Idaho and Utah, How are my boys and hows the farm doing, I keep tellin dad to keep an eye on my cows, but he keeps sayin, What Cows??? hahaha i think hes thinkin that there his. :)
well Right now I have a new comp, I still have my old comp, but I have another new one too, his name is Elder Juan. He ran into a handfull of problems and now he has to be with us until the president can decide what to do with him. so were gonna find out eh??
I heard all about state track this week so thats super cool. But yeah, dont worry time is gonna go by super fast and before you know it ill be home. I just have to work super super hard while im here. I hope everyone is well de salud and that this memorial weekend is awesome.I love you all and remember what a real blessin it is to be able to live in such an Amazing Country!
Peace out
Elder Beckstead

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Plan of Salvation

Well Whats up family,
Here all is well, the sun is shining and the heat just loves to make me miserable, but i'm not gonna let it beat me. So about track, HOLY COW I though they'd do good but I had no idea that they would win it all. Thats freakin crazy and great to hear. I cant believe they finally won it. Looks to me like Tysons doin some good things there in "Ole West Side, hahahaha turns out he loves the place. He's already got a wet back. haha and he just keeps on wettin it, which is weird for someone who had sooooo much "Preston pride". I guess he has just finally found the truth, haha that reminds me, we are in fact teachin some neat people, but not very many. Im so busy everyday running errands and doing things that I almost don't have any time to work in my area, haha it's soooo hard. but its normal i guess.
But we're teaching some guy named Alonzo, who is absolutely awesome. He's like 60 years old. His entire family has died exept for a few hijos, and so he's pretty much alone, but we talked to him about the plan of salvation and he loves it. He really loves the spirit world. haha he's always like,¨hey why don't ya teach me more about that one world with the spirits. ha just imagine, a neat little Honduran dude sayin that. haha I love it.
I dont know what else to tell now already.
I'm no longer sick and can eat anything that you put in front of me again. m,mmmmmm I love to eat. I actually bought some cereal, some honey nuts cherios which I ate in like one day. But I can't do it again, they are just to expensive down here in the south in good ole Hondo. But yeah
life is well, my comp is pretty cool and today we had a huge activity with several zones so I got to play baskteball. and o boy am I excited for some serious alumni ball. hahaha its gonna be neat.
Well thats all I got for y'all today, time just keeps goin by and thats a good thing I think. well I love you all and peace out
P.S no hammock yet, this week im gonna figure it all out.
well love you all and peace out
Elder Beckstead

Just a note: Tyson is his brother in law who coaches the track team here at West Side. The team won State first time in a long time. These guys are a lot of Mitch's friends. Tyson was sooo anti West Side when he attended Preston High-across the river and call us all wetbacks!! Now he teaches here and coaches football and track. . . So that is why Mitch is rubbing it in. . .

Monday, May 17, 2010

USA a great place to live. . . .

Wow, I was sooo stoked that I have been here for a year and that my time has went by so fast, then U realize that I still have half the mission waitin for me, hahaha seriously the mish is super long. hahahaha But I like it so its fine.
Today has been a good day just a normal p-day with soccer and Wendys, haha you know im gonna be pretty stinkin good at soccer when I get home, ahahahaha tell chuck that Im gonna walk on a soccer college team and quit football just to see what she says!!
Ok so heres the answers
:( I asked a lot of questions this time-because I knew he was sick and I was wondering if it was because of a spider bite)
I feel kinda sick, but dont worry i'm fine. Ive been sick all week long and haven't been able to eat much, but I feel a little bit better right now.
Ok yes a spider bit me, but don't worry about it. ite, and yes it was a big spider.
My comp is from Taylorsville and that is all that I know. I don not eat super well each day. I kunda struggle searchin for good food that I need. But i''m fine dont worry.
Well congrats on the state trip, be sure you let me know how everything went, its about time West Side brought back another trophy to its cophers(what??). Guess what, the Hendersons mission is almost over, they are more than half way done as well, is that not pretty neat.
Its really good to hear about everything thats going on there in the United States of America. WOW what a great place seriously. I love that place sooo much, Im really gonna kiss the ground when I get home I think. hahahahaha. I love this place too, but still not quite as much. neat eh.
Well I wish you all luck in the week and I hope everything goes well at state and in school and everything, school is almost out and the next time it is almost out I will be home with you all. OOOOOOOO YEAH.

well peace out and I love you all
Elder Beckstead

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 10, 2010

Well whats up family? Today will be a short email because I talked to you all last night. All is well here, i'm still a little sick but i'm fine, I just need some sprite, i'm telling you all, sprite works miracles here in Hondo, haha in my last area we didn't have water for like 3 days, so we drank sprite, how crazy is that? It was all good, I like the taste of sprite.
OK so it's good to hear how well your team is doing, so im thinkin ur all gonna be able to bring home 2 state trophies this year, one from softball, and one from track. mas les vale. hahaha
Me an my comp have tons in common, more than anything, we love to work hard and have success, so hopefully its goes down like that.
well tell Grandma Wood(She's been really sick-but much better now) that I love her and that i'm thinkin about her and that she is in my prayers. I love you all and have a great week ite.
Elder Beckstead

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures from birthday-Thanks to Antonio!

I am thinking these are tortillas ?? Looks like scones to me:)
Antonio said Mitch smashed his face in the birthday cake,
and the cake fight had begun!!!
This is Dennis-17 yr old boy he baptised
I sent him a package for his birthday. Pin the tail on the donkey was in the package.
Looks like he made good use of it!! The little kids seem to have fun.
It's good to see that smile!

This is the Martinez family they are members who feed Mitch each day
Antonio is a great friend to Mitch. He just returned from a mission in El Salvador
six months ago.
Whats up fam?
Well here in Honduras all is well. We just went to a super cool place for p-day and thats why it has taken so long for me to write you. So yeah thats whats up. I took some awesome pictures so thats way cool, we hiked up to some waterfalls in a place called, Valle De Angeles. It was sooo stinkin cool. Yeah so they keep tellin me about the Jazz and im super stoked, but the Jazz need to beat the Lakers this time, its been like two years or something and I hate the Lakers. I remember, this is what was happening last year the last week of school, haha crazy eh? It's already been one year, just one more to go, it doesn't seem like that long does it??? I don't know what else to tell you all, just have all the questions ready by Sunday so we don't waste any time. It's so much easier to answer them over the phone. Freak I'm sooooo stoked the White's are gonna be there for the call. Ok just so we are ready, I won't be callin a day early, just be ready Sunday night from 5 to 6, I'm not sure how the time difference is between Honduras and USA but expect a call at 4 too, ite. Then we'll see what happens. and if I don't call Sunday, Monday for sure, but I will Sunday don't worry. I can't believe Jesse(Jesse his close friend will be home from England on May 7th and he wants him there to talk for the M-day call) is already home, thats sooo crazy. Well I love you all soo much and take care of yourselves. Love you.
Elder Beckstead