Monday, December 28, 2009

Still working in Villa Vieja

Holy cow, that was a long email. haha But thank you very much for it.Well dont worry everything is all good here, and when I got shot at, well that was in El Triunfo. but im not supposeed to tell things like that. So just forget about it. haha But yeah this place can get pretty riled up sometimes. haha It's awesome. When ever they win a soccer game this whole place goes crazy. I'm talkin everyone!!!!! bBut yeah it was awesome to here your voices and to talk a little Spanish with Wayne. haha The thing is, I talked to him in a little caliche so he didn't understand me completely. I need to learn to talk proper Spanish better. Thats what David is doing in Mexico. I know like three Mexicans here in the mission, haha but all of them are freakin crazy. Once again thank you much for the ring, its awesome, and for the Christmas, it was awesome too. But yeah, this week we do have changes and i'm thinkin i'm gonna get a newer elder so im pretty nervous about that. Even though my comp right now is pretty new. Ok so what else do you all want to know about the life here in the south?? We had a baptism last week, that was pretty cool, then Sunday we confirmed her so that was awesome too. She's a great person. I have a picture ill try and send some soon. But im not sure how it happened, haha this area seriously is brutal. But I love it, the food is awesome, the members rock, even though they always search to get us into trouble. That's ridiculous. Once we got home a little late from working, and the next day we had an interview with the bishop saying that we need to follow the mission standards. All I can say is 3rd Nephi 13. I think thats it, it pretty much says to never point the finger unless you are perfect, or your a straight up hypocrite. But yeah, thats what I got this week, another short one.Tell dad and my boys I love them, and all the other people that follow the mish too. And as for Tyler Gohring, tell him its not hard to email me. Its actually pretty easy, and im waiting for an email next week!!!!Oh and tell me about the horse situation you got going there??? Jax ?????Kate????? all that neat stuff. well alright peace out and I love you all.
Elder Beckstead

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