Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being very "Humble"

Hmmmmmmmm well about my life. Well I will tell you this, the Marshal islands are probably worse, but I'm not too sure. ( He is refering to Tyson's parents that are serving in a 3rd world country the Marshall Islands)Honduras is the second to poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. There are a lot of people without jobs and a lot of people that live on the streets. But I'm not saying anything bad about the people, just that I have that much more respect for them. I WILL tell you all this though, when I get home, I NEVER WANNA HEAR anyone complain about living conditions ever again. Or about anything that we don't have for that matter. HaHa~ wow this place is poor.
So a neat story, we were walkin down the street the other day and we pass some passed out dude on the road. Hahaha it was hilarious, even though that's not very uncommon here. But yeah, anyway, he was drunk riding his bike, and had passed out while ridin down the road. So we took some pictures, left him a pamphlet of the word of wisdom and went on our way. haha good times!
OK about the food, we had a cook for the first two months, but then my comp didn't wanna pay for food the next month, so thinkin that I would leave the area, I didn't pay for food and just let him do whatever. But he ended up leavin and I stayed here. So we pretty much cook our propia comida. (own food)
So today I will attempt again to send you pictures,(yes we got them-it's been a long time) so yeah, I have seen some very interesting spiders. Haha one that was huge that lived in our pila, and we didn't even know it.
But yeah we never really have running water. Water runs in our area once a week so we have to store it in a pila.(meaning a holding tank type thing for water) Then we use that water to bath and stuff.
But yeah , as for the heat... WOW it is sooo freakin hot here. haha I have second degree burns on my ears and stuff from the sun and heat. But don't worry, it will go away eventually. well just tell the kids I'm working on the wallets and belts. I already have something for everyone. And I'm gonna go buy those ties for Jace and Jesse today or this week I think. But I kinda wanna wait till next change cause if I go to Teguz I can get better for cheaper. So we'll see.
Well don't worry., I strive to be obedient everyday. At times it's really hard just cause of the culture shock and everything. I feel so bad for Cole. (Cole-a good friend of Mitch-from high school landed on his mission in Honduras the day after this e-mail 10/27/09) I remember how bad it sucked the first change here. It's cool and stuff, but you don't understand anything in Spanish. HAHAHAHAHA I'm finally almost to that point now, that I just need to learn some more words.
Well love you all, and I will see you in 18 months~more or less.
Peace out and keep truckin along. AND BE SAFE puchica. And tell Miguel that the word p________ isn't really that bad here in Honduras. Haha I guess that's a Mexico thing. I'll tell you what, they have so many words here that are not found anywhere else. haha
like the word cheque. It means like a check, but also like OK-it's weird
Peace love you all
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

OK so I heard Ricky was AP and about died. Ha Ha! That dude is awesome, and I bet he is changing a lot. I love that man. (one of his good friends serving in Hawaii)

Well I hope Tyler gets better. I love that man, tell him I'm thinking about him and that I am praying all will end up alright for him. (his bro in law thought he had kidney stones-had a bad attack of something-but doing better)

So Peyton is tearing it up huh? Well I don't really have any advice for him, but I will tell him to just give it all he's got. Live with no regrets, and play hard every play, and every down. I can't wait to watch him in high school.(his team beat an undefeated team and will now play in the Mini Dome on Sat. against a big, big team)

Freak, I am starting to miss Idaho. I'm thinkin I'm probably gonna live there all my life. well I hope so anyway.

Well here in Honduras all is well, it's neat that Cole is gonna be here in a couple of days.(another good friend from High School will be in the mission next to Mitch in Honduras)It would be really cool if someone from our area got a call to this mission. Ha yeah Idaho boys here are really well known. I'll tell people I'm from Idaho, then they will just go to town on how many people they have loved from Idaho. I'm not sure why but.... yeah.

Yesterday me and my comp went out to teach and every one of our appointments failed on us. Ha Ha so we just went out for a walk to conocer the area better. so yeah we went out and found this river. It was really, really cool. There were a ton of huge rocks all over the place and neat things like that. That place was sooo cool. I didn't have my camera though~so no pictures. So that stunk.
Yeah that's whats up here in Honduras
I love you all and stay fieled.:) (fieled means:true, loyal, honest, faithful, and trustworthy
Peace Out
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 12, 2009

A new Comp-Elder Holmes!!

OK so it's really cool that you all are talking about the mission through the internet, but i am in the south right now and there are not many missionaries here. But there are 150 missionaries and it's very hard to get to know all of them, I know 20 missionaries in my zone, and around 60 that I have met. But I only know a few newbies and thats it. If I meet them I will tell you.
No I saved that ring for someone else. I dunno who yet, I guess just the next person I see cause I already gave that little kid one of my watchs. so yeah. ( I asked him if he gave out any of the ctr (hlj) rings I sent him.) Well we had a change last change. My comp left Triunfo and another gringo named Elder Holmes came with me to my area. It's awesome. We have a lot in common and we work really really hard. haha it's such a good change but I'm thinkin i'll get moved next change so we'll see what happens. I'm gettin pretty bored of my area. Tell Grandma I did about the same thing to my comp. I dragged him out of a members house and carried him to our investigators house, he told every one in the mission he hated me.. Then I told him to shut up or I'll use my size and make him regret it hardcore. haha That ended all the problems we had. He followed me around like a little pandita or little panda, cause he looked a lot like a panda. haha it was great.
I do not see the President too much. When I do he just teaches us over and over again, but because you said that, at least I have something to talk about with him in the next interview. (I told him I heard the story of his mission President Cheverri's conversion-was in the Ensign Dec. 1996. But yeah if the Vikings win it all, I'm gonna freak out. Brett Farve haha!! Yeah I've heard of Austin Collie and I saw a little of one of there games on TV. It was really cool. It was at Wendy's one day.
So I was really sad to hear about Abby, I hope dad took it alright. Wow I loved that horse, even thought I know I didn't show it sometimes. But yeah.
I have received all the packages from you. and today I got the Halloween one. But I've only got your packages. I need to buy envelopes so maybe I'll get some mail sent to you all soon. I'm trying, I promise.
Well thats all I got
love you all and talk to ya next week
Elder Beckstead

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still in Triunfo-hauling water from the well!!

Groundbreaking for the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple 9-15-09
Picture of the future Honduras Tegucigalpa Temple

Well hola y que tal,

I'm still here in Honduras and alive. Right now nothing really is happening, so don't worry. All is well and I'm thinking we are not gonna see problems, the Lord wouldn't build a temple if he knew there would be problems here in the future. (Check out the Temple and the Ground Breaking Ceremony) Even though they didn't mention it in conference. Well I'm, still here in Triunfo, tomorrow we'll find out if we have changes or not. I'm prayin I'll have a change. I'm really bord of my area and I really don't like my comp, so we were going to have a baptizm but my comp went to the ladies house and fought with her so she didn't let her son get baptized.(Mitch was really excited to baptize a ten year old boy) I don't really wanna talk about that though. He's really buggin me. And we don't talk cause we don't fall well with each other. hahaha but yeah so we get 161 dollars or 3000 limps on our card every month, which isn't really enough. But we survive. I pretty much live off the money that you all send me so don't be shy....haha. so yeah we have a lady wash our clothes and stuff so we don't have to do that, but one thing that sucks is that right now there isn't any water in Triunfo, so we have to haul it in from the well outside. haha that sucks but I can't do anything about it. Hopefully we get water again soon in the faucet. Or better I get a change haha just kidding.

So yeah tell Deon and Chris I get there messages and I'm very thankful for them, tell them I try to answer there questions through this e-mail, but tell them I love them and am very thankful for that. And tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks too. I am so thankful for them.
So yeah, today I bought you all something, well 20 of you. Immediate family and Topher, haha but you'll get them in two years, hopefully you will like it. I can just see myself in the house passing out these things to you all. haha it's gonna be soo freakin cool.
So Jace e-mailed me and told me he wants a bunch of ties, there are ties here for around 5 dollars each, it's better than 30 dollars each. So talk to Trudy about that and find out how many they want, cause I love shopping for ties. I have like 50 right now or more.

So how is Cole doing, has he got it all figured out yet, haha weird he's gonna be here in a month or so, and he's gonna go through the same experiences I had, and the same change. haha sweet.
Well I dunno what else to tell you, thanks for all ~I got another package today, everyone is so jealous of me here. haha love you all and stay outa trouble. I don't wanna get any bad emails, so be extra safe for 19 more months. eh
Love you all and bye
Elder Beckstead