Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sept.15, 2009 Hijo's of Heleman~"Rocky Run"

Well I didn't get an e-mail from the fam this week..But I'll still send you all one. HaHa(I sent him a 1 hour long e-mail and he just did not recieve it-there was a big mix up with other missionaries that day too-according to other mothers from my mm's e-mail-I felt really bad) Well how are you all doing pues. Hopefully pretty good still. Mandi and Chuck sound really good. And Darbi sounds really cute. And I'll get home just in time to see the cutest part of her life. How lucky. But Mandi's kids gonna be just barely comin out.hahahaha(now he's seeing into the future:)So sorry to hear about the football team. They sound pretty rough, but hopefully things turn around pretty fast. Tell Tyson good luck with that. I weighed myself today and I pulled out an astounding 182 lbs. HAHA i'm screw...just kidding, I weigh 216 right now so I'm not tooo bad yet. And I'm in a pretty rough area so I feel pretty lucky. I talked to Elder Brinton yesterday and he told me this, well man your lucky, cause from your area...it does not get any worse. That gave me some comfort. It's all uphill from here I guess.
But yeah sorry you didn't get an e-mail yesterday, I was in Teguz. We had this activity called the Hijo's of Heleman. We went to this really cool place. haha, Tell Tyson I have a recording of me doing the Rocky run up some ancient stairs and Elder Crabb is singin the Rocky music too. It was pretty stinkin fun.
I bought 13 ties and some new cool lookin bags and stuff. So you never told me if Dad ,Tyler, Tate and Tyson want some belts made of crocodile and iguana They are pretty cool. I have one of each and a wallet of crocodile. I love em!
But yeah everything here is dirt cheap so that's cool and pretty...I forgot the word. Those 13 ties costed me 5 bucks. They are all awesome too. But yeah I dunno what else to tell ya all. Things are cool here but still about the same. We are workin hard and puchin forward the word, casi literalmente. Hopefully we will see some more success here in a few weeks.
But yeah I would love to get an e-mail from ya Mom
Peace out and I hope all stays pretty chill there at home.
Love ya all
Elder Beckstead

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