Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Call

It was an exciting day today, Mitch called us around 3:00 and all was here to talk to him. We put him on loud speaker and it was soooooo good to hear his voice. He sounded really good. Everyone had a chance to talk to him. It is really interesting to hear him speak in Spanish. He said he got all our presents and things we sent. That was really good. He said it was cooler there, around 60 degrees. It's around 10 degrees here, so that sounds warm to us.
I think the biggest surprise I got was when he said he was 8 hours out of Teguz for the 1st part of his Mission. That really surprised me. I thought he was more like 1 hour. But he loved the area and the people there are great. It's a lot more modern where he is right now. And he has been eating stuff more like he eats at home.
He says he loves his mission, but misses home and family a lot. That is the hardest part.

He was so grateful to us and told us he loved us many times. Thats the hardest part for us too. We miss him but are happy that he is serving.

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