Sunday, September 20, 2009

June 17, 2009

Hola familia y amigos:

Mucho amor de la ccm en Provo, Utah:

How is everything going. Remember I do enjoy a letter once in a while, and this week there was a lack of a single one until Monday. I was a bit sad about that, but esta bien. I miss you all and it's good to hear that Peyton is already doing all that work. I'm proud of the little tike, even thought I would really like Toni to go to church once in a while. Maybe when I get home i'll teach her the first lesson in Espanol. Ha Ha Speaking of which, I taught the first lesson in Espanol, now we no longer even talk too much in English since we have no need anymore. I'm no where near fluent but I can say what is needed to be said and what not. Spanish is way cool. the MTC is all good at the moment, the gripe de chancho is slowly dying down. My comp has been sick these last few days. I love the kid, he has a great heart. We clash somewhat, but we both have the same desire to serve. Well I'd write you in Spanish, but I am out of time. I love ya and stuff and I miss you all so very much. Send a letter soon.
E Beck

June 24 e-mail
You have some pretty random Spanish there Lor, haha-it's neat. So I didn't get any mail today so I won't have to worry too much about the whole writing thing. It's good to hear things are settling down I guess. Haha now Chelsi knows how I have felt the last few weeks. (Chelsi 8 months pregnant was exposed to Swine flu) There are still people locked up wit the gripe de choncho. Pero aqui esta bien. Salgo le ccm en doc semanas mas. es no bueno Cosas aqui estan muy uh......monontinous. Same thing every day all day. It's rough but I'll make it. So I guess ur all doing a lot of fishin then eh??? Thats good. I do miss that stuff an just chillin with the boys. I've taught about 20 lessons now in Spanish so thats neat. I'm learning more about it everyday, but it takes a lot of studying. But like I said, there is not much to write that has not been said When I leave for the mission field, I'll have more to say, but as of right now, I got nothing. Same old, same old.
One minor thing I guess, the President is probably talkin to us this weekend sometime. Well I love ya! The Apostles will be walking around the MTC this weekend too. So I could pretty much run into anyone of them just while walking to class. But that's it.
Love ya and have a great one
E Beck

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