Monday, September 21, 2009

August 17, 2009

The boy behind Mitch is his companion.

Mitch says that the people are very daring, not afraid of anything.
This is lots higher than it looks. Too high for Mitch.

Pushing the Lords work.

Hey fam what's up?
So mom take it easy, I'm not dying I promise. I'm OK. Well the people here know of that Elder Brinton, but I don't really know him. Yeah I have received two packages that you have sent. It takes time for them to get here. But if you could send a package with the powder, that would be awesome.
So about Cole, tell him good luck from me and tell him he is in for an experience like he has never seen before. Tell him to try and stay close to the Lord during his time at the MTC cause he's gonna need his help to make the transition from America to Honduras. It's pretty intense. (Cole is his friend from High School who is going to Comayagula Honduras) The office for Comayagula is in the same building and the same floor so we are not too far from each other. Especially if I end up as an office missionary in the next two changes. I hope not but it's possible.
My comp speaks a little English but not much. It's annoying at times cause he wants to learn~ so he's always askin me questions and tryin to talk in English, I just remind him that it's more important that we talk in Spanish then English right now.
I haven't seen the ocean, but honduras is alright, it's not the states that's for sure. The temp is really, really hot and very humid, so it's really rough at times. But honestly I'm telling you all that is happening, so don't worry so much. (I was afraid he was starving) I'm in a small little ward with about 60 people in it. And we are the only missionaries in Triunfo. I do not see the Mission President very often only once in a while when we have entrevistas.
So yeah I keep in touch with a few people, not everyone, but as much as possible.
I cook breakfast almost every morning now. I bought pancake mix and some bread and eggs, and I make breakfast often. Its alright so don't worry. Really!!
So dividions just means that I went with another comp for a day or two because my comp had to go somewhere else or something.
My hands are really tired and I don't wanna bore you all. This is the last week in this change, so next week i'll probably get a new comp and stuff....vamos a ver
love you all
Elder Beckstead

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