Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

OK so I heard Ricky was AP and about died. Ha Ha! That dude is awesome, and I bet he is changing a lot. I love that man. (one of his good friends serving in Hawaii)

Well I hope Tyler gets better. I love that man, tell him I'm thinking about him and that I am praying all will end up alright for him. (his bro in law thought he had kidney stones-had a bad attack of something-but doing better)

So Peyton is tearing it up huh? Well I don't really have any advice for him, but I will tell him to just give it all he's got. Live with no regrets, and play hard every play, and every down. I can't wait to watch him in high school.(his team beat an undefeated team and will now play in the Mini Dome on Sat. against a big, big team)

Freak, I am starting to miss Idaho. I'm thinkin I'm probably gonna live there all my life. well I hope so anyway.

Well here in Honduras all is well, it's neat that Cole is gonna be here in a couple of days.(another good friend from High School will be in the mission next to Mitch in Honduras)It would be really cool if someone from our area got a call to this mission. Ha yeah Idaho boys here are really well known. I'll tell people I'm from Idaho, then they will just go to town on how many people they have loved from Idaho. I'm not sure why but.... yeah.

Yesterday me and my comp went out to teach and every one of our appointments failed on us. Ha Ha so we just went out for a walk to conocer the area better. so yeah we went out and found this river. It was really, really cool. There were a ton of huge rocks all over the place and neat things like that. That place was sooo cool. I didn't have my camera though~so no pictures. So that stunk.
Yeah that's whats up here in Honduras
I love you all and stay fieled.:) (fieled means:true, loyal, honest, faithful, and trustworthy
Peace Out
Elder Beckstead

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  1. Hey Mitch, if you read this, I am thinking about ya!!!