Monday, June 28, 2010

Adams Report/Making Tortillas/Alonzo still hard at work

Robert and I and Elder Justin Brown's(also in Teguz) parents and his sister Chelsea had the priviledge of going to the Adam's report in Kanosh Utah on Sunday. Brother and Sister Adams have been serving in the Tegucigalpa mission for 18 months as the Medical care takers of all the missionaries. They returned June 15, 2010. She said in her report that they started out taking care of around 150 missionaries and when they left they were up to around 230. I am so happy there are people like them who choose to serve and help take care of and counsel the missionaries. They both gave wonderful talks. The only thing that could have made them better, is if they had more time to share more experiences.
Sister Adams mostly talked about the medical end of it, helping the boy's out by giving them instruction when they arrived. She gave them the 10 commandments of good health. And the most impressive thing to me, was different than here in the states, she would give them medical advise over the phone.(many of the Elders are many miles away from the city where bro and sis Adams served) Most every missionary gets sick with the same symtoms-stomach ache, diarrhea, fever~so she has to talk to them over the phone and tell them how to take care of things. Sister Adams gives the credit to the Lord for the help so often on how to get these boy's feeling better and back out to work. It was amazing and inspiring to hear about it.
Brother Adams told about Honduras being the most dangerous country in Central America. He talked about there being guards at most all buildings. He said every business is guarded. I guess you are searched before you enter a bank and sometimes just random road searches. He talked about the people there being very poor, but happy. He told us that the country of Honduras (including San Pedro Sula and Comayaguela) has around 500 baptisms a month. The problem after that is the retention. So the missionaries have their work cut out for them. He also talked about the Missionaries being safe. He said that if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing the Lord would bless them. He testified of our missionaries including Him and Sister Adams being watched over by our Heavenly Father. At the end of his talk, he encouraged everyone young or old to go on a mission. They loved it. They talked about the missionaries being their family-while they were away from their own. He also encouraged mothers raising boy's to make them tough so when it comes time for their calls, they would be ready in case called to serve in a place like Honduras.
There were also 2 returned missonaries there. I know one's name was Elder Anderson, and the other one I forgot his name. But they both knew Mitch and E Anderson said he gave him his football when he left. It was so fun to visit with them.

I also had a great time going with the Browns. Robert said today how neat it was to know and visit with someone who also had a son in the same mission as your son is. It is really fun to get to know the Browns. They are great!! And Justin is a great missionary.

In the e-mail from Mitch today, he gives me a recipe that I asked for from the family who was in the ward in his last area. They fed Mitch a lot and I wanted to try and cook tortilla's the same way as Hermana Martinas does. So he got her recipe and transcribed it for me. I am going to try to make them for the boy's!!! Wish me luck:)

Dear Famili Que Honda:

Ok first things first, here is ther reciepe for baleadas
2 libras de harina- 2 pounds of flour
2 cucharadas de soda- 2 spoons of baking soda
1 huevo -one egg
Aceite y agua- oil and water, how much I dont know it doesnt say obviously. haha
Sal y azúcar- salt and sugar
Agregar a la harina las dos cucharadas de soda, el huevo, sal y azúcar al gusto
Add to the flour the two spoons of soda the egg salt and the sugar to your taste
Echar todo en el centro y revolver
put all of it in the middle and stir

Empezar a amasar con agua, luego se le agrega un poco de aceite hasta que despegue de las manos y la masa este suave y sin grumos
Comenzar a hacer pelotitas con un poco de aceite en las manos
Dejar reposar por una hora y taparlas con una manta
Después estirar en un plato con un poco de aceite para que despegue más fácil.
Al estirarlas se deben poner en el comal no muy caliente ni muy frio hasta que tenga la apariencia de una tortilla con sabor más o menos a pan.
Se puede llenar con frijoles y mantequilla
También se puede agregar huevo con jamón.
Aguacate o pollo o cualquier carne si quiere puede intentar como sabe mejor

Ok im gonna send that to you all, and see if you can translate it, if not just let me knoiw and next week I will translate it for you all,
So how goes the battle? Thats soo neat you all went to their homecoming. I dont know who that would be that was with me for three days, I really don't remember, maybe an Elder Smead or something like that, or an Elder Gardner??? im not sure but it could be one of them. And yes I know who Elder Anderson is, he's a great guy and yes he gave me his football so now I have a football here in the mission. Its awesome,
So what else did the Adams familia say about Honduras?? anythintg neat??
They were really amazing people, she helped me with several sicknesses that I've had hahaha.
So i'm gonna answer grandmas message today, im stoked to see how thats goin for her, ojala q le vaya bien va, pues yo lo se porque ella es buenisima. But yeah, if she has any questions just tell her to let me knoiw.
So how's the summer going, All is well I hope, Man I just imagine how neat everything is there, workin all day and then the weight room at night, haha then from time to time a shake at Big Jays, haha good times. Man it feels like just yesterday I was there workin out with the boys from West Side. Man I miss those days, and high school football, intense.
SO Ill be sure to tel Alonzo that(I told him to say hello and we pray for him) haha he brought another old dude to a lesson the other day, haha so now he has another buddy at church. Just so you know, Elder Anderson was here in my area when he was here in the mission.
So yeah Its good to here from you all again, I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, June 21, 2010

Still in the South- Alonzo is awesome!!!

volveremos voveremos volveremos volveremos volveremos a celebrar juntos.
esa cancion llega. (we think this say's when I return-we will celebrate not quite sure??)

So whats up there in the north, where the people have blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair?
Here in brown eye black hair town all is well, The peoples hearts really are startin to soften up and the mundial is really humbling the people.
but yeah me va todo cheque and im so thankful for a family like you all, I just want you all to know that, your amazing and I love each and everyone of you with all my heart.
So about the homecomings, really there is not a single elder here that I do not like. Go to the homecomings and enjoy them alot, I love elder Magoffin, I was only in one zone with him but everything was awesome and we had alot of fun. I was almost his DL as well but something happened and I wasn't at the end.
And yes, you are crazy!! jajajajaja
But yeah about changes, we did have changes but I didn't have any, Elder Juan is gone now. I'm still with elder Gardner, which is alright. We get along just fine. We have a few different interests and ideas.

I had an amazing experience this week, remember Alonzo that we baptised, well this Sunday in church he came up to me and asked me how to pay fast offerings. Turns out he was fasting and wanted to give the money to the church which is amazing because like less than half of the members here do that. Man this guy is awesome, by baptizing him, I can really say that I have changed the life completely of another human being, He is SOooooooooo happy now and everytime we see him he´s got his book of Mormon out and is reading it. He´s amazing really. I love this guy.
Thank you all soo much for the prayers, We really do feel them here in the mission field.
and thank you all soo much for the money, You have no idea how much that helps me here in the south, in the north I dont really spend anything, but here the food is really bad and you don't receive as much nutrition so I have to buy more food, it sucks but thats how it is, and if I dont buy food I lose weight and that's not a good thing.
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

SO its great to hear about the family and about my boys, and my new little girl who I will get to know within a year Woooooooo well 10 months more or less.
I bet she is just adorable. uhhhh I cant wait.

Well thats All I got for this week I hope you enjoy it and I will talk to you all next week. Love you
Elder Beckstead
P.S take care of my boys, that includes dad.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Three e-mails!!!

Mitch wrote to Chelsi, Mandi and Me-so I decided to share some from each letter!!
To mom and dad and I asked a lot of questions:
Whats Up Whats Up.

Well first to answer the questions, I feel fine, im takin some pills that are helpin me out a ton, but dont worry, I think it was a bladder infection, but still members in my ward want me to go to the clinic, and really that place is aweful and I dont wanna go. So we will see, but I'm working and everything is fine.

OK well what made me sick was some food a family gave me once, the lady has nothing and was super nice to give me food, but she's not real clean, and I got sick from it, but like I said, don't worry I feel fine now,
And dont worry, Im drinkin good water, We bring in pure water in bottles and that is what we drink so dont worry about that, they purify it here in Honduras and a member owns it I think so dont worry. (what a relief)
Ok I'm sorry to say this, but you dont need to ship me anything. JUST MONEY PLEASE, do not waste money on packages and just send money, If I need something I will tell you but i'm buyin some neat things right now so im almost out again I think. Just send money or put it in my account or something, I just wanna buy a few more neat things and i'm done.(I guess I will just send $$$$$$)
Yes I got my package from Zach's report, its was super cool, but the dude sounds a little different, i'm not sure how to explain it but just different.(Zach is his cousin that returned in Feb from his mission)
Yes I got the Gramh Crackers and yes they were amazing, I loved every second of that, but like I said, dont worry about that, Dont worry about packages, just send money.($$$$ OK OK OK ) haha I dont want to sound harsh, So please just letters and money, NO more newspapers either cause its against the rules, if there is something cool, just save it and I will read it when I get home. Thank you.
As for the clothes, I will look around but really there is nothing here in Honduras. Seriously all the clothes they have are clothes shipped in from the states, but I will definately look around for you. See what I can find. (I asked him to buy me a skirt from there-I'm curious what he will find)
Yes I have my camera, but its broken and I have to fix it I think, which is gonna cost me like 1000 limps. So it might be a while before I can fix it, but yea i'll have her done here pretty quick.
NO that P-day happened in Teguz where Enique R. Falabella (first Quorum of the Seventy)was at, I was here in the south when they had that cool party thing.
As for food, we just kinda bum around here lookin for food, there is a sister that gives us food but I dont really like going there becasue she doesnt give us very much food and all it is, is beans and tortilla, seriously though, come on, at least throw some rice on there.
Well yes I do in fact know elder Mann, he is actually an Elder here in my zone in Choluteca North. I know him very well actually.
(I am going to try to make tortilla's so I asked him if they all have those things that make them or do they mash them down with a rolling pin or what??) About the tortillas, it all depends on the person, some people make a lot of tortillas so they have a lot of machines and stuff, but others just make them from time to time so they dont make as many. So it all depends.
Yes we do have changes this week to be exact, really i'm not sure whats gonna happen but I can tell you all that I kind of want to have changes this week. IM tird of the situation that im in. So were gonna find out about all this here pretty soon Im thinkin.
And yes Elder Juan was my comp and I can tell you that really, he is one of the favorites that I have had, He's a stud haha even though he got in trouble he's still a great kid, he just needs someone to push him and he's fine.

Alright so there it is, hopefully I got some of your questions answered, So it's crazy that all these people are gettin married and stuff, its kinda trippin me out actually im surprised that Raquel didnt even wait a year, so who is she gettin married to??(his friend Josh who is in Riverside Ca. old girlfriend) Do you know???
But yeah next week Ill inform you all of changes and what happened here in Honduras.
Love you all and will talk to you all later.
Elder Beckstead
To Mandi:
whats up whats up, so all is well here in the south, kinda missin football I wont lie but I can't do anything about that, If there is something Ive learned here in the mission its this, If there is nothing that you can do about it, dont waste your time worrying about it. Some things are so hard but you just gotta keep going and forget and push the things behind you. so yeah, the pictures are awesome, Chirp is freakin huge by the way and it looks like you added on to the pen that you all had there, which is neat.(chirp is our pet lamb) Zach sheared his wool today-he learned how to shear sheep on his mission. On the reservation in Az.)
Well I love you all and Ill talk to ya later
Elder Beckstead
To Chelsi:
HAhAHAHAHA Im gonna need a pic of Colby in his t ball uni, hahaha what a neat kid.
OK so its official, im dying, I have the cutest neice in the entire world and I can't hold her and won't be able to for another year, IM freakin out right now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well 11 months hahaha, dont worry i'll be home before you know it. but yeah chuck (Chelsi's nick-name)I love you to death and send me some pictures Ite!!
thanks love
Elder Beckstead
PS I still have bad breath :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

West Side news letter post!!

(This is what he sent to put in the West Side News Letter. A lot of his friends will be returning soon.)
Alrighty then, Whats up Elderes and Hermanas. How are you all doing? How goes the battle in your parts of the world? Here in Honduras its pretty much the same ole same ole, Its Hot, with the occasionaly rain storm that floods everything, then Hot the next day again. The food isnt bad either, If you like beans, rice, eggs, and tortillas. ha But I love that stuff now.

So its kinda weird to think that I have about 14 months already in the mission and that by this time next year I´ll be waking up and preparing me for something other that preachin the Gospel. And that here very soon a ton of my friends will be home and goin to school and movin on with life. WOW its crazy. So I guess Ive realized that two years is a very short time, and we really need to use every second of that time workin our hardest for the Lord and pushing forward his work. Its true, the church is true and I know it with all my heart. I love you all cuidense mucho y exitos y animos siempre.
y que les vaya muy bien en la obra.

Elder Beckstead

Alonzo Baptized /40 Missionaries leaving in 7 weeks

Dear familia,
como les sta yendo. todo bien me imagino. Entonces que me cuentan de nuevo, q tal las vacaciones. bien va
ha well there you are, a lil bit of Spanish for the day. les podria decir aun mas pero la verdad es q.... pues no se.

Alright so how is everything going there in Idaho, good right?? so yeah its true, here in the mission 40 missionaries will be going home within these next 7 weeks. crazy huh. Im kinda freakin out because the entire mission is gonna change completely and were gonna be kinda in charge of guiding along these changes. But all is well, Im kinda sick but not too bad, i've been in bed the last two days with a stomach ache, but I feel better now, so don't even worry about it.

I'll tell you what, I don't get how missionaries can stay in a house for an entire day without going crazy. Wow There is soo much to do and if your in the house that stuff is not gettin done and the work is fallin behind, that is super hard to deal with.
So yeah rough week in that aspect, but we got alot of work done and were acutally finally seeing a little success in our area.

So whats up at home, Hows the family doing, sounds like things are doing pretty good, I cant believe how time has flown over these last 4 years. WOW I swear I was just startin high school yesterday, and now here I am, in Honduras chillin and preachin the gospel. haha crazy.

This weekend Alonzo got baptised, which was super awesome. He's a neat old dude and super, super humble. But It's was an awesome baptism, and a bunch of people investigating the church showed up too and they loved it. So the work is going well, thats why it makes it so hard to be sick.
The entire mission has changed it's viewpoint in these last few weeks, were now only concentrating on families, every pair of missionaries in the mission is now searching for families every night and setting apart time to be able to find them, which is a change that I love. Its awesome, families are so much easier to teach as well. Its awesome.
So yeah and I know HNA Adams, shes awesome, and like the nicest lady ever, She called me and said that you were going to her homecoming which is just fine.
So yeah, the first days in the mission are stinkin weird. You can always find the new missionaries because they have white shirts. haha every other missionary has like yellowish white shirts. hahaha and there plaques are white as well, and they have huge smiles on there faces but at the same time are thinkin like, what the heck am I doing here. ha you see it on each one of them. its neat. so yeah thats the situation.
Love you all very much and dont worry about me, worry about the people here in Honduras that don't have the gospel. and pray for them

Elder Beckstead