Monday, October 12, 2009

A new Comp-Elder Holmes!!

OK so it's really cool that you all are talking about the mission through the internet, but i am in the south right now and there are not many missionaries here. But there are 150 missionaries and it's very hard to get to know all of them, I know 20 missionaries in my zone, and around 60 that I have met. But I only know a few newbies and thats it. If I meet them I will tell you.
No I saved that ring for someone else. I dunno who yet, I guess just the next person I see cause I already gave that little kid one of my watchs. so yeah. ( I asked him if he gave out any of the ctr (hlj) rings I sent him.) Well we had a change last change. My comp left Triunfo and another gringo named Elder Holmes came with me to my area. It's awesome. We have a lot in common and we work really really hard. haha it's such a good change but I'm thinkin i'll get moved next change so we'll see what happens. I'm gettin pretty bored of my area. Tell Grandma I did about the same thing to my comp. I dragged him out of a members house and carried him to our investigators house, he told every one in the mission he hated me.. Then I told him to shut up or I'll use my size and make him regret it hardcore. haha That ended all the problems we had. He followed me around like a little pandita or little panda, cause he looked a lot like a panda. haha it was great.
I do not see the President too much. When I do he just teaches us over and over again, but because you said that, at least I have something to talk about with him in the next interview. (I told him I heard the story of his mission President Cheverri's conversion-was in the Ensign Dec. 1996. But yeah if the Vikings win it all, I'm gonna freak out. Brett Farve haha!! Yeah I've heard of Austin Collie and I saw a little of one of there games on TV. It was really cool. It was at Wendy's one day.
So I was really sad to hear about Abby, I hope dad took it alright. Wow I loved that horse, even thought I know I didn't show it sometimes. But yeah.
I have received all the packages from you. and today I got the Halloween one. But I've only got your packages. I need to buy envelopes so maybe I'll get some mail sent to you all soon. I'm trying, I promise.
Well thats all I got
love you all and talk to ya next week
Elder Beckstead

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