Monday, November 9, 2009

11/9/09 Still in Truinfo

This Picture was sent today 11/9/09
But I think it was taken when Mitch arrived in Tegucigalpa. Honduras
This is his first companion and President Luis Chaverri and President's wife Julieta Chaverri
Que Tal Fam:

Well all is well here in Honduras still. But yeah I'm not in no Amazon, ( I told him about Colby Campbell in Peru)but I'm in a pretty desolate place. Like 45 minutes away from anything. And I mean anything. In my town where there are about 30 churches and no stores. And a lot of evangelicos that think that just by listening to the word is good enough.
Ha Ha How neat dad and Stockton fising in the river. I promise that when I get home I'm going with them a few times, after I sleep in till 11 in my wonderful cozy bed one day.
But yeah things are all well, those two families are awesome, (I asked about the 2 families in the pics from 2 weeks ago)they are both members of the church, but one family is inactive. I had activated them until someone in the ward said something and turned them away from the church in general. So yeah, but it's their fault for taking things so serious and besides they made covenants with God not the people there. Ha Ha but yeah the familia had that Jose kid too, but she wasn't willing to support him so his baptism failed, and I will not baptise a kid without complete support from the family. That is a huge problem where I am right now, people are fighting a lot among themselves to the point where some don't come to church, its rediculous. But thats how it is.
We have been playing a lot of basketball lately here in Honduras, there is an indoor gym here in Choluteca where we come for p-days, so at times we will play ball all day. haha I'm gettin pretty good.
And yeah I have already received my package for Thanksgiving, thank you so much, that pillow is awesome, I love it.
So yeah, ISU almost pulled it off, well tough luck-giv em 2 years haha!!
I went to a members house last night to eat dinner and they had football on the TV. ha it was awesome, me and my comp were just like, well we should ask them to shut it off, but the Cowboys were playing the Eagles. So we just kinda didn't say anything. I couldn't help it. haha But we only saw a little bit!
Well thats about it for today, my last comp was very crappy so we are not havin many baptisms here right now, but the branch president did baptise his little girl so that was awesome, cause he has been having some serious problems with his family, and to see his smile and everything after the baptism was awesome, Wow just think this guy is the branch president and only has 6 months of being a member. He compares me to him a lot cause that's how much time I have in the mission.
But yeah thats whats up, if I stay in this area another change, we'll have some baptisms, but I kinda wanna leave and know more of Honduras.

Well love you all,
Next week we have changes too, we will see what happens

Elder Beckstead

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