Monday, January 31, 2011

Still loving Cedeno/Much success!!

Hey there family, well everyhting here is still great, I'm really loving this new zone and my new area, were seeing a ton of success as of right now. This Sunday we had 50 people in sacrament meeting, which isn't a lot I know but its the second Sunday we've had, so I don't think its too bad. I do know that we have to make it better, that is for sure.
I have a few sea shells from the beach already, but its hard to get them cause then we have to take time off to go look for them, so don't be too disappointed if I dont bring you all home seashells ok. Elder MaCallister is still in our last area in the Villa de San Fransisco, He'll be there for a while longer too I think. I miss that kid, we had lots of fun together. But hes doing good from what I hear.
I love my area, I love my comp and I love everything that's going on right now. Its so weird, before in the mission I used to look at my comps and find all the weaknesses in them and just dread on that forever and in the end just dread being around my comps, I've defenitly learned that you always need to look for the good in people, just like you've always taught me mom, So I am working on that. But yeah, this week We had a great week, were finding people like crazy, I swear they are just like falling off trees. haha I love it. Were doing our best to teach all of them. but yeah thats whats going on here.
I got an email today from coach Whitworth, which was really good, he did offer me a full ride scholarship which is really awesome and he did promise me playing time from the get go, So we'll see.
But yeah Whats new there in the yunais. I bet pretty good from what I hear, my Packers are in the super bowl. im pretty excited about that. I hope they win!!!!

So I got my flight plans more or less, I haven't seen them yet, but from what they tell me im going home the 17th of May and I will arrive home at exactly 11 p.m. In Salt Lake I hope ur all gonna be ready, and I asked special permission for Tyler to come get me and My president gave it to me, so Tyler G can come probably like a week and a half before I head home, hahah ill show him what the mission is about and how awesome it really is. Hes gonna love it.Keep working hard there at home and I love you all.

Elder Beckstead

Monday, January 24, 2011

Loves it here the area is Fruitful~ Stung by a scorpion!

haha!! Don't even worry about the pictures, I'm taken too maybe pictures. I have a picture of me holding a hammerhead shark in my hands, It's really legit.
We would baptize in the ocean, but we dont have permission to do it. So were gonna call President and see what happens, maybe if were lucky we'll be able to do it.
So Elder Giron is from Guatemala, im pretty glad he's my comp.. he's way chill and we are working really really hard right now, keeping our minds towards the work.
The house I live in is pretty nice, We have water and stuff like that so im not gonna complain too much. But the other night while I was sleeping I felt a very very sharp pain in my fingers and woke up screaming in pain. I got up out of bed and there was a scorpìon on my shirt. WOW I was sooo scared, the sucker had already stabbed me once, but I thought it was gonna get me again, until my comp came over and knocked it off me and killed it. WOW but talk about an intense experience. Couldn't sleep the rest of the night. I HATE insects. Thats literally the only bad thing that has happened to me this week, everything else has been awesome. We're having tons of success already here in this area, the first week at church we had 33 people there, which is pretty good I think. We just gotta baptise them all now and get them to work. I hope we can get it done. Ive never been in an area so fruitfull!! I love it here.
So sounds like things there are cooling down a bit, I hope thats true, Kevin emailed me, that was pretty cool too, sounds like hes doing pretty good. I really kinda want to go to Utah State now, but like I said, no decisions yet.
I just want to end my mission working really really hard and being perfectly obedient. thats the goal for right now. I just hope I end the mission here in this area, I love it that much.
ha and yeah, Cole sounds really really good, We had a good chat, I forgot to tell you all about Elder Ballard. That was awesome, hes soooo smart and funny. I had a great time there.
Well time is about out and I gotta get going. So I love you all and hope everything is going well for you, keep stayin strong and keep and eye on my boys OK!!!!!!
Peace until next week.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, January 17, 2011

New comp: Elder Giron/Transfered to Cedeno

I had to go read Ether 12. It made me feel better too!! Mitch got some bad news from home last week, and I was worried he would be down and out. Wow quite the opposite!! (this is one happy missionary) I was hoping that he would get to baptise in the ocean-it could happen!!!
To those who sent him uplifting letters and e-mails I thank you very much!!! Thank you for all of your prayers in his behalf. My testimony of prayer has again been strenghtened. . . Love

Well, put your seatbelts on and get ready cause this week I have some really really good news.
So you know how every missionary has this crazy dream of being the cool missionary that gets the really, really crazy calling all the sudden and gets sent to some remote place to open an area and a branch and start the church in unknown lands???
Well Tuesday night I was anxiously waiting for my new change, I previously knew that I would be leaving an area. So after waiting anxiously for an hour or two I finally recieved my change. The assistence told me that I was going to a place called Cedeño to open up the area with Elder Giron. So let me explain to you all a little bit about this change.
Cedeño is a beach here in Honduras, so my new area is the beach, and my job is to open up the area and form the church here in Cedeño, I have a head start though because the branch President from another ward lives out here. So were going to start a branch here on the beach the three of us.. which is a really amazing calling, and suddenly I don't want to go home anymore, not at all. I love my new area!!! The branch president lives right on the beach and that is where we eat lunch everyday, sooooo every day I eat seafood which involves fish, shrimp, crab, oysters and other such things, on the beach while looking out towards the ocean. I think dad would enjoy this area a lot. but it gets even better, and a little bit harder. I'm still a zone leader so I have to manage the zone as well, but get this. Im opening a new zone as well, as in We are opening a zone here in this new area and I'm in charge of managing it and making sure everything goes smoothly. WOW, I was shocked, President told me the next day that he trusted in me Alot, enough to do that. So I have quite a huge responsability, which is good cause of all the fun things that are going on at home, speakin of which. I only want happiness at the airport, everyone and everything that causes drama and problems is not included in that.
So thats whats going on here, I'm not one to boast, but I think you really can be proud of me for this one, Opening an area and a zone is a really big responsability, especially if your area has never had missionaries before. CRAZY.
So thats whats going on here, Its perfect cause Im learning that things change, and sometimes not for the best. So instead of dwelling on these changes, that I can't control, Im just gonna take what I have and run with it. Its what we all have to do, and never forget who we are and what we stand for!!!
So yeah, And thank you soooo much for keeping the contact with all those coaches, I was worried for a while that I wasnt gonna be playin football when I got home, hopefully everything works out.
Well my testimony keeps growing as well here, its true what is said in Ether 12, it only will make me stronger as well as all of us.
Well I love you all and hope that everything is going better there in the states. Peace out and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes on Wednesday

Whats up family?? Hows goes the battle there in the states??? I'm guessin pretty good cuz the states are pretty stinkin cool.
Well here everything is going pretty well, were still working and trying for success, o hey, just so you know, I sent you a tape that I made in return for the one you sent me so watch for it in the mail, you should be gettin it here any day now.
So wow, I cant believe the Whimpey twins are going to USU to play football, thats kinda crazy. Who knows, maybe I'll end up there too. That would be pretty stinkin cool i'd say. Have you talked to them recently or anything??
Well acceleration sounds pretty good I guess so I'll keep you updated on that one.
So thats too bad the boys lost in Preston, I would probably get pretty mad if I was there!!haha
The weight gainin powder is holding up really well so don't worry about that either. We're good, I actually weigh like 230 pounds right now, so I'm happy about that. I just hope that they don't send me to the south this change, cuz thats where I always seem to lose weight. But if they do, i'll be happy to go.
I'm excited though cuz I will probably be going into my last area of the mission so thats gonna be pretty intense. I never though that would happen, and i've almost officially been away from home for 20 months. WOW it's just crazy, I think it's true what they say about time, it just goes soo fast here in the mission It feels like I just got here a few weeks ago. Its CRAZY
I'm thinkin i'll be home before I know it. WEIRD!!!! but yeah, I dont know what else to say, ill send you a good e-mail next week with some cool news.
I love you all and talk to ya later.
Eder Beckstead

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This place is going to Flourish-it's going to be great!!

Hey fam whats up???
SO whats going on there in the states, thanks soo much for emailing that coach for me, its good to know that they still think about me once in a while.
So just let me know about any new results or anything.
So Whats new there in the usa??? Hows my boys doing??? im thinkin pretty good, I hear that the basketball team is tearin it up right now, thats pretty cool!!! Peyton wrote me this week, sounds like he did pretty good in the basketball camp that he went to.
I cant believe its been over a week since I talked to you all on the phone, wow that was a fast week. CRAZY!!!
Ok so Elder Browns MOM might call you and mention something to you about a holey shirt, do not worry about it I have plenty of shirts. Elder Brown is LOCO haha!
So this week has been a good week, its kinda hard cause were in a little district and they need alot of help. Me and my comp are pretty much running the entire district, were trying to teach the leaders here how everything works and stuff but they seem to not care somtimes. So were just pushing along, its hard at times to get work done in our area and stuff, but its ok, were planting a lot of seeds and when the leaders finally figure out whats going on, this place is gonna flourish!!! Its gonna be great.
Well I love you all, and miss you more and more each day.
Peace out and I'll see you in 4
Elder Beckstead