Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being very "Humble"

Hmmmmmmmm well about my life. Well I will tell you this, the Marshal islands are probably worse, but I'm not too sure. ( He is refering to Tyson's parents that are serving in a 3rd world country the Marshall Islands)Honduras is the second to poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. There are a lot of people without jobs and a lot of people that live on the streets. But I'm not saying anything bad about the people, just that I have that much more respect for them. I WILL tell you all this though, when I get home, I NEVER WANNA HEAR anyone complain about living conditions ever again. Or about anything that we don't have for that matter. HaHa~ wow this place is poor.
So a neat story, we were walkin down the street the other day and we pass some passed out dude on the road. Hahaha it was hilarious, even though that's not very uncommon here. But yeah, anyway, he was drunk riding his bike, and had passed out while ridin down the road. So we took some pictures, left him a pamphlet of the word of wisdom and went on our way. haha good times!
OK about the food, we had a cook for the first two months, but then my comp didn't wanna pay for food the next month, so thinkin that I would leave the area, I didn't pay for food and just let him do whatever. But he ended up leavin and I stayed here. So we pretty much cook our propia comida. (own food)
So today I will attempt again to send you pictures,(yes we got them-it's been a long time) so yeah, I have seen some very interesting spiders. Haha one that was huge that lived in our pila, and we didn't even know it.
But yeah we never really have running water. Water runs in our area once a week so we have to store it in a pila.(meaning a holding tank type thing for water) Then we use that water to bath and stuff.
But yeah , as for the heat... WOW it is sooo freakin hot here. haha I have second degree burns on my ears and stuff from the sun and heat. But don't worry, it will go away eventually. well just tell the kids I'm working on the wallets and belts. I already have something for everyone. And I'm gonna go buy those ties for Jace and Jesse today or this week I think. But I kinda wanna wait till next change cause if I go to Teguz I can get better for cheaper. So we'll see.
Well don't worry., I strive to be obedient everyday. At times it's really hard just cause of the culture shock and everything. I feel so bad for Cole. (Cole-a good friend of Mitch-from high school landed on his mission in Honduras the day after this e-mail 10/27/09) I remember how bad it sucked the first change here. It's cool and stuff, but you don't understand anything in Spanish. HAHAHAHAHA I'm finally almost to that point now, that I just need to learn some more words.
Well love you all, and I will see you in 18 months~more or less.
Peace out and keep truckin along. AND BE SAFE puchica. And tell Miguel that the word p________ isn't really that bad here in Honduras. Haha I guess that's a Mexico thing. I'll tell you what, they have so many words here that are not found anywhere else. haha
like the word cheque. It means like a check, but also like OK-it's weird
Peace love you all
Elder Beckstead

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