Monday, September 21, 2009

August 5, 2009

Well thanks for the e-mail again.
So I have a little story for ya before I'll get down with the information. Yesterday at church was the first time I have ever cried during a sacrament meeting. It wasn't hard core, but there were a few tears So... all the members are standing up and bearing their testimonies, and some don't do to well cause I'm not sure they know what a testimony is. But...this little 15 year old kid named Eduardo stood up to bear his and he started off talking about his brother and how he misses him and I couldn't figure out why I was crying and stuff. I know he has a few problems in his family and stuff. He said all this stuff about his brother and how he wishes he could see him again, then he said pero yo tengo fe. It's amazing. Later on I asked Elder Lazo what was wrong with his family . He told me that two years ago his mother died and his whole family spread apart and Eduardo hasn't seen or heard from any of his family since then. Right now he lives with his uncle who doesn't really like him and works and has to pay for everything he has. We are everything to him. He has nothing but us and the church, yet he is so strong. It's amazing. And I realized that this is why i am here, if I can help people like Eduardo and bring the gospel to the people with nothing, then I have fulfilled my purpose as a missionary. It was a very humbling moment for me.

So anyway, on with Honduras. So here in the hottest part of the country all is well, my comp is really cool but he's not the best trainer in the world. He likes to do things himself and always makes things more complicated. He brings many people to Christ be he is very confusing. Latinos just all have different ways of doing things. So yeah, we walk everywhere unless a member wants to give us a ride somewhere which does not happen often cause not many have cars. Tell Grandma she's in my prayers. (She ruptured a disc in her back right during the big part of her rodeo season and can't ride horses for a while) I'm really stoked about the heifer calves dad is having. Just think, when I get home he can sell them all to pay for my college.jajaja

My old comp is in Paraiso Brady's old area. But he's in his house because of some problems there. So yeah, I knew Peter Burton, he was in my district in the MTC so you have a foto of him. Spanish is coming, I'm able to understand more and more about every day.
But Yeah that's quite a bit, sorry it's so long. But today we get to go on divisions, Elder Jenkins is comin with me to Triunfo. He's way cool he's like 6'5 and he's from New Mexico.
Wells that's all for now
Love Ya much
Elder Beckstead

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