Monday, December 7, 2009

November 30, 2009

Ok first to answer your questions. Im fine, y comp is really cool, haha we have a lot of fun together, and yeah I will be with him until Christmas, I got your fotos too so yeah that was sweet, and my house, or room is pretty small, but cozy. We live behind the members house that owns it. So the keyboard im using is very crappy so there are probably some errors. Yeah I am so excited to play in the turkey bowl in two years, haha wow two more years. But yeah just wait were gonna have some fun, and im thinkin these games will get really crazy con el tiempo. BOB- I love ya have fun fishin and good luck with all. Ok I have zero time Left because I had a huge letter for you all and it was erased somehow. Sorry. Tell the boys and girl I love them. As for the packages, I have gotten 1 so far. so we'll see what bhappens with that. Love you all and peace out.
Elder Becklstead

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