Monday, September 21, 2009

July 8, 2009

Hola familia,
Tengo una mas semana antes voy a la Honduras, estoy amimado. Well whats up? All is the same again here. I'm hurrin to finish everything, you should be receiving a package of stuff here in a few days with all the stuff I do not need or don't wanna carry around with me.
Well I'm glad you bought an ipod, it's about time. So you are able to download music off the internet and stuff too? If so I'll be sad you didn't do that years ago. But anyway I hope things work out in Honduras. (The President had been ousted by the local law enforcements and they are having a coop) I leave Sunday night at 9:00PM and my flight leaves SLC around midnight. I may be able to call you all so have everyone be at home, but I dunno for sure what's gonna happen so don't get your hopes up:(. Yesterday I heard some pretty cool things about Honduras. In most places when they talk, they just skip over the S. For example; San Pedro Sula is hanpethrohula. Thats how they say it. I'm soo stoked!!! They talk really, really fast there, I guess at times it's hard for Mexicans to understand what they are saying too. WOW!! and they are really nice too I guess. They won't tell you straight up to leave.
They told me that we need to be straight up with them, it was crazy yesterday, our day was like planned for us, I dunno how to explain it. We planned it out and tried to follow a schedule and stuff, but we ended up doing something completely different and we accomplished all our goals. It was CRAZY. Like one of our teachers wasn't there so they had a sub who went to Honduras and is from Venuzuela. That stuff happened all day long. Tell Malorie Happy B-day from me too, make sure Chris White gets that part.HA HA!!
I'm the flight leader and we have five elders in our group, we go to Atlanta first and then straight to Teguz. Hopefully if we don't leave I will call Monday. Hopefully you get an e-mail Monday and not a call.
Well tell everyone I said what's up and I miss you all, thanks for the ties too, they were awesome. Make sure you give everyone my new address in Teguz too.

Well Love ya and take care
Elder Beckstead

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