Monday, December 21, 2009

Planning the "Christmas Call to Home" por telefono

Ok first of all yes, I would love to go to Roatan after the mission, but we need to get a cruise and spend like two weeks in Roatan so we can come visit Teguz and Choluteca. so yeah thats that. (I was telling him that his 1st grade teacher just returned from a cruise there in Honduras Roatan and she said it was the best part of the trip!) haha Just so you know, my comp is actually really really ugly.(I told him that in the picture his companion looked really handsome) haha no im just kiddin hes a kook though i will tell you all that. So the party sounds absolutely awesome, Colby still sounds like a baller and all that. haha Chuck told me about what happened. with him and the the little dance he performed. haha i probably did teach him that. That is the thing.
So yeah I'm freakin stoked to call you all Christmas day, but an investigator invited me to use his skype, but its against the rules so I guess were just gonna have to talk por telèfono. But yeah, im thinkin im just gonna call you all around 3-5 somtime within that area. haha sorry thats two hours, but i seriously dont know how im gonna do it still. All i need to do is borrow a cell phone I think and thats it. im good to call. But yeah things here are going well aun que me encuentro en un area bien muerto. no hay nadito, pues hay muchos papos aqui y adventista tambien, pero solo eso. no sè porque me mandaron a una area tan muerto. haha have fun translating that. But yeah its a rough area but I guess its good I'm here, cause im willing to work even though I don't see results sometimes. Maybe thats it. haha but we'll see.- All I know is that here in Honduras the work isn't easy. Well there are some areas but only the luckies get called there. haha
I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Chrsitmas, I pray all is well and safe there in the states, all is well here and don't worry, the members here rock so I have plenty of food, i'm gainin all my weight again. haha the other morning the bishop invited me over to the house to eat breakfast, and he's been to the states like 5 times. So we ate bacon, eggs, muffins, and orange juice. It was fantastic. don't get me wrong nothing like one of your breakfasts mom, but it was really really good.They have a daughter going to BYU here in a week too para que sepan. But ya thats all I have today, O and tell Wayne I would love it if he was there to call me on Christmas. it would be really cool. I learned a new neat little language ademas que español. its called effe. its soo cool. haha We'll talk to you all in a few days and peace out
Elder Beckstead

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