Monday, July 26, 2010

Mitch runs into Elder Cole Richards at Mission Office/Read D&C 4

Darbi (his only niece)turned a year this week-and Mitch has never seen her
since I never get pics from him, I decided to put her picture in here.

Ok fam, whats up.
ok so first of all I want you all to know something. I love my mission more than you will ever think, I love the people here in Honduras and I am willing to give up whatever it takes to help the humble people here become richly blessed. So dont worry, The only reason I talked about football was because time really is flying by, and I dont want to miss the chance to get ready, besides, im not doin anything. You are all doing it for me.
SO DONT WORRY if you have any questions read one of my favorite scriptures in D&C 4. I love that scripture.
OK so now we got that out of the way we can talk some more football. hahaha just playin!!
SO Alonzo is freakin awesome, this Sunday he told me that he was in love with the church, haha he shows up 30 min early everyday and the dude loves me. ha and I do admit I love that guy, I need to help him get to the Temple in December~ prepare him that is.
So yeah, I still do not enjoy traveling either just so you know, in fact today I had to go to Teguz again and drop off an elder, and when we got to the bus stop, it was full, so we had to stand in between the seat for 3 hours until we arrived to Teguz. Wow talk about a miserable ride.
So my comps name is Pojoy (pohoi) just until Wednesday though, haha that dude can talk the ear off an elephant. but I love him. haa thats exactly why I love him too, is cause he's him and nobody else, its neat how every person has their own special features, like cars, hahaha i gotta get home and find me a sexy red chevy.
So the pics were awesome by the way, Darbi really has grown up alot, I cant wait to see her in 9 months and to kiss her little head and hold her, she better not cry you know. I know she missed me the most in the family. hahaha
Speakin of cars, how bout that truck eh. haha there are no question mark thingys on this computer so sorry for the gramatical errors.

So yeah, Today something amazing happened, I saw and talked to Cole(Elder) Richards haha hes grown alot and he speaks in a deeper voice. ha Wow that was neat seein him there in the mission office and givin him a big hug. we chated for some time, he looks really good and like he's lovin life and thats a good thing.
(Cole is a lifelong friend of Mitch's-went to school from grade school to graduation with Mitch. They played all sports together. Cole is in Honduras, Comayagua-Mitch thought they'd never meet)

So I met Elder Zolmans family, haha they are so cute. His mom and dad are awesome, they came and ate lunch one day at the same place I was eating. At a members house, and so I saw them and stayed for the cake. It was awesome.
So yeah, thats my week I love you all and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change of Companions/Fun activity-Watched Remember the Titans-made him think of Football!!!

So whats up family, wow I can't believe another week has gone by, but at the same time I can't believe Cole never wants to arrive at the year mark. WOW crazy that dude must love it here. I should bring him here to the south after the mich, this part of Honduras is completely different, hardcore different. (Cole is his friend who is in Comayagua Honduras-closer to Tegucigalpa)
SO im gonna have to go down to San Marcos again and talk with those people from the states about all that stuff. The medics and stuff.(I told him that I read that a medical team was going there for a week or two)
SO sorry I wrote so late, I had to plan an activity today, and the food took wayyyyyyyyy to much time and so I had to clean up and fix everything, you know life was a little easier before I become a zl, haha but I'm learnin soo much its crazy. Seriously. I never even thought about some of the things before and now I have to learn to work with them, hmmmmmmmm lets think of an example, well sometimes when you get a good lift in, you wake up the next day with soreness in places you´d never thought existed. haha thats kinda how it is. Weird, I hope you understood that example. If not well sorry I speak Spanish all day long.
By the way about that, I got a new comp, kinda, there was a problem in the zone this week and we had to seperate to a compaƱonship. We seperated that companionship and my comp went with one of them and I took one of them here in my area. So I have a new comp and his name is Elder Pojoy from Guatemala, haha neat huh, his name is Pojoy. haha What a funny name, I give him crap for that all the time. its fun. but yeah, I think my time with Elder Gardner is about over, BUT WOW, I can see how people don't get along with Elder Pojoy, haha he's super weird. ha really I realized how much calmer I've become. When he got here, im just chill and put up with his crap and relax, but other people cant take him. ha He's a great guy and really tries hard, but fails. haha thats a bad way to put it, but its true. :)
OK so that picture of Jesse killed me, hahaha that made me a lil baggy, that dude is living it up isn't he. he looks way good. I miss that fool,(I sent him a picture I found on FB of Jesse~he is in a lawn chair with a cowboy hat and sunglasses on fishing)
By the way I have been keepin in touch with Jace and Ricky and Sid but thats it, I know nothing of everyone else.
Wow I just got soo excited to hear about my horse, ( I told him his horse is now broke and I am riding her-when he left she was not trained) im gonna ride that sucker when I get home, I cant wait to go on a long horse ride by myself just chillin, that's something I really do want to do, and buy a really fancy pair of wranglers and a cowboy hat and hit up some rodeos. ha that would be interestin, can't you just see me with my huge butt jammed in a pair of wranglers,(at this point no!!) wow thats gonna be a sight to see. We'll have to take pictures, about that, when I get home, I dont wanna go buy new clothes until the end of summer, cause I have a feeling that im gonna put on about 50 pounds there in the first few weeks. Eating good ole American fast food, yeah thats right a number 12 from Big Jays with not one but two bean burritos with sour cream, haha here if you ask for a burrito its a certain plate of food that everyone eats, traditional plate of food.
So im workin on takin alot of pictures, like I said, I broke my camara so I had to fix it then I'm gonna take pictures, So dont worry, im workin on it.

OK so about football, I want Tyler Gohring or Brown, or Tyson Moser, to kinda help me out with a few films. If ISU doesnt hold my scholarship, im gonna go somewhere else and play I think like walk on at Weber. So well see about that, but try and get that info out so its easier, I need to know by next January. I'm gonna keep workin out, I think im gonna run alot more here in these next few weeks to keep up my speed, I tell you what the air down here really sucks.
But I will say this, I dream, about playin football every night and whenever i'm lost in thought I think about football and my family. I'm not even kiddin you and today we watched remember the Titans, so im gettin really antsy. So if you could get that done for me that would be super dooper awesome. thank you.
well I duuno what to tell you, we're teachin a family right now, and they came to church on Sunday, but the dad has to quit smoking and he's been addicted for like 30 years , so were gonna get him baptized here as soon as he stops smoking, you shoulda seen it, haha 3 hours without a cigarette about killed him. But hes gonna make it.
Well thats the update, i kinda rambled off there for a few seconds, but I really would like to know about this football information. so please HELP ME OUT
ok and dont worry i keep communication with ISU as well, but I want more options.
so yeah thank you
well volvceremos a celebrar juntos
I love you all sooooooooo much and cant wait to see you again in 10 months.
Peace out
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's happens each day for Mitch!!!

(I asked him what an average day is like for him) OK so my usual day is this, I wake up and do some push ups, then at 8:00AM. I study until 10AM, then at 10AM I study Spanish and try to learn more words. At 11 we leave for the day of work. We eat at 12 and at 5 at night and when we're not eating were lookin for people to teach and knockin on doors and stuff. It's neat and boring sometimes, but that's what we do. I really can't tell you exactly what we do because it changes everyday. Just ask me when I call for Christmas. hahahaha by then school will be half over and I will be home in 4 months, neat huh. So it's super awesome that you all went to that elders homecoming, so did he look good and all that or what??? He was an awesome elder, he worked hard and served a lot of people which is a good thing.haha I cant wait to see all these pictures and stuff of the baleadas, (his friend Antonio sent me pics and a recipe of them making baleadas-now we-his boy's are going to make them and send him pictures) and I wonder how they will turn out. They are way-way good here. So tell me what else is new, I can't believe that all those friends are gonna be home before I know it. (his buddies and cousin are returning from their missions in the next 2 months) That's freakin crazy. Then it's pretty much my turn.
So I need you to do me a favor and have Tyler Gohring e-mail me. I need to ask him a few things and have him do me some favors for football if thats alright. Ive been in contact with Ricky and Sid and they sound awesome, but not quite as awesome as Jesse who seems to be loving life quite a bit. They are all either home or very, very close to gettin home which is awesome. I bet they were amazing missionaries. I'm way stoked to see them in a few years. wow ten months, I really thought I would never be at this point, I give my comp a lot of crap cause he doesn't have a year yet, haha and when he has a year ill have 15 months, I swear time just keeps going by. The month of June went by really slow though.
Today we had an activity in a place called San Marcos, its awesome, seriously this place is sooooo cool. It's super hard core, like clean and neat and there are amazing people everywhere, its great. I wanna be here someday. But it'll be a while before I could be here. But yeah life is just tiring. I'm exhausted and need to sleep but can't because there is no time. That's one thing about the mission, busy busy busy every day, I'm this close to freaking freaking out. hahaha I wonder if you can remember where that quote is from. But yeah I love you all and have a great day ok
Elder Beckstead

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July-Mitch appreciates USA

OK family, on to the next email.
So whats going on there in the little state of Idaho, I love that email from Elder Magoffin, (Elder Magoffin just returned from Teguz-I shared with Mitch how his mom described his reaction to being in the USA again-below) thats the first thing I wanna do when I get home as well, lay out on the grass and then the carpet, and then my beautiful bed that I have downstairs, then go for a drive in (My new truck that ur gonna buy me) :) haha or my Saturn with all my boys. haha wow ten months crazy.
So tell that dude(Tyrel) thats going to San Pedro Sula that their rules and stuff are different, but the gold bond is for sure a need. HE NEEDS IT haha and the mosquito repellent isn't so important cause they have tons here in the mission, but tell him to get extra garments and t-shirts because thats what he'll need. water bottles and stuff and tell him to get ready for baleadas(tortilla's) cause hes gonna be eatin a TON over the next 2 years, BUT THEY ARE AMAZING so dont worry about it. just give him my email address and i'll be glad to answer any of his questions. lo que sea. (whatever)

Things really are not very interesting right now, just the same.
Last week Elder Falabella (First Quorum of the Seventy) came to the mission again just for the zone leader conference to give us some more tips and to see how the mission was. It was super awesome and I gave the guy a hug so I feel a lot more powerful now. That man is awesome.
Everthing in the area is the same though, The work is getting kinda frustrating here because the people won't do anything, we'll teach them all day long but they never want to move from there house, haha but we just have to drop those and move on to the next.

we are sooo lucky to live in a place like the United States, when I get home, YES I AM GOING TO KISS THE GROUND the first time I see bare ground or grass. ahahahaha Here you can't touch the dogs or pet them unless you are absolutley positive that they are clean, cause if not you get lice or some bug or something. I cant wait to pet a dog when I get home. haha I dont care which one, just a dog. Im sure i'll be kinda nervous though.
So enjoy our time there in the states and within 10 months ill be there with you all kissin grass and pettin dogs and liftin weights.
So yeah thats the update from here in Honduras, I love you all and keep busy there in the life and avoid the dangerous things ite?
Love you all
Elder Beckstead

The folowing is from E Magoffins mom Tracie:
This is my last post on the group... our son returned last night (rightaround 11:30 pm) and we are thrilled to have him home. Two formermissionary buddies showed up at the airport... Elders Guernsey and Foster(and E. Foster's fiance), and that was fun, too. It was great to see thebond our boys develop while serving the Lord together.We stayed up until about 2:30 am (most of us) and 3:30 am (Dustin and twoof his brothers) and we were up at around 7:00 am. I'm sure we will allcrash this afternoon. The release time is 3:00 pm, so Dustin willprobably keep up enough energy to head off and see some friends as soonas he is able.It's been fun to see how grateful he is for the blessings of living inAmerica, having running (and drinkable) water (hot or cold), grass,carpet, being able to see the stars, a cool breeze... and he keepscommenting on how clean everything looks. (He even commented on howclean our concrete slab is out back... and it hasn't been swept oranything lately.) The first thing he did when we drove up to our houseis get out and sprawl out on the grass for quite some time. The firstthing he did when he went in the house was sprawl out on the carpet. :)He had a wonderful last week on his mission, traveling with the JenkinsFamily. (Thanks, Jo Raye!) His mission had it's challenges, but he learned so much and had some amazing experiences that have made a big impression on him. We are so grateful he chose to serve. Best wishes to all of you as your sons and daughters serve the Lord ontheir missions in Central America!
Tracie Magoffin
mom of Dustin
(Hon-Teg 7/08- 7/10)