Monday, September 21, 2009

August 24, 2009

well I'll start by answering your questions, first no I didn't even know that there was a dedication. (he's talking about the Oquirrh Temple dedication) this week
The Spanish is coming, with time it will get here but they talk so stinkin fast here it's hard to understand what's going on, and as of right now, I haven't received any of the packages, hopefully they will be in Teguz though. I don't get packages until someone goes to Teguz and brings them here cause we don't really trust the bus drivers here with our stuff. So maybe I have it, we will see. The stuff you sent me from the MTC got here really fast.
My companion was the one in the blue, and the other people were members from our ward, it was an actividad in our branch so yeah, the cross was about 30ft up I think. It was really high and some little dude was just like chillin there, and I was pretty stinkin scared during the whole thing.(I asked him about the pictures the one on the cross) They are seriously crazy here. They do the weirdest things and I swear they don't feel physical pain. One thing about Honduras that I have noticed though is that there are a lot of people with physical illnesses, and a lot with down syndrome. I'm talkin like tons, there are two in our ward alone.
So this week I have my first change, I'm not sure if we have a change in our companionship yet, but we will see. Tell Chuck I only have 15 more changes here. But I hear time flies once you get past your first two, which is cool. Cuando I'm able to speak Spanish great and stuff time will fly cause it will be so much more fun here and especially when I can talk in ff. haha it's another language that I'm gonna learn while I'm here. It's really cool and it's just a little different then Spanish. Well I wanna learn it but first I have to learn to understand everything people tell me haha. I understand all when we teach the lessons, but when were just talking about random things I struggle to find the words to say and to understand all that they say to me. Tell Grandma to write me in Spanish y tal vez la excribire en espanol. Si ella tiene suere pues jajaja
That's my Spanish for the day pues. But yeah I'm guessin you wanna know about our investigators and stuff. We have like 5 right now, well we have more but we have 5 that are really good investigators. Two I'm thinkin we will baptise for sure. But I dunno if I'll even be here the next change pero vamos a ver pues. So yeah that's whats going down. I broke my camera so I have to buy a new one here today or tomorrow. But that's about it. Good luck in everything and let me know how things are going.
Love you all
Elder Beckstead
su amor jajaja

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