Monday, September 21, 2009

July 20,2009

MOM FAM whats up?
Well I got here and I went straight to work, it's awesome I just wish I could talk to the people a little better. This weekend we have my 1st baptisms so I'm really excited about that too. But our house is pretty nice, it's below standards in the US of course, but it's alright for what we need of it. And no, we don't have a dirt floor. It's a tile a pretty blue tile. hahaha So my first compas name is Elder Lazo. He is from Nicaragua. Bu yeah we get along great and we have quite a bit in common. We are in an area called Triunfo. It is right on the border of Nicaragua. Our area is huge and small at the same time, we have three little towns there and two barrios. One town is a hour and a half walk away from our main town so that's pretty neat. But we are always busy, it seems we work on retencion a little too much and investigators not so much but that's what we need to do. Right now we have around 6 prog inv. so we stay pretty busy with them and what not. But the country Honduras is way cool. It's very green and we see a lot of spiders, iguana, and chickens haha. It's weird, chickens are everywhere and all the dogs just leave them alone, pero cuando a dog see's a cat, wow that dog is on the cat like a fly on poop. Me and Elder Lazo had to save a cat the other day, but the sucker kept following us, so we finally put it in a tree and ran. Hopefully it found a home eh? Well that's all for now, it's awesome and I love it. That's all you really need to know. haha
Love Ya
Elder Beckstead

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