Monday, April 25, 2011

Eating Steak with Pres Chaverri/Some baptisms coming up!

Hey whats up fam??
Well things continue to go well here in Honduras, Semana Santa(Holy Week) is finally over which means once more our investigators are in the house and waiting for us, this should be a really really good week.
So Im pretty excited for this week, first its my birthday so thats gonna be pretty sweet, and second, were going to Teguz for a ZL consejo and so I'll be able to celebrate my birthday with all my friends there and have a great time, and hna Chaverri is definately gonna buy me a cake cause shes awesome like that. So I'm really stoked for everything, and then next week we should be having some baptisms so that should go very well also.
Im really excited anyway. Then the next week Tyler gets here and me and him are gonna do some work and have some fun too and show him the places where I've been and stuff, I think hes gonna love it.
Keep me updated on the Stake President thing there and when I can get released. IM pretty excited for everything but at the same time im nervous to leave. We'll see what happens eh, I still got plenty of time.
So sounds like softball is off and rollin now so thats pretty cool.
Here me and Elder Parker are having a blast, really were working really really really hard and having a lot of fun, Me and him have a lot in common. Im pretty sure we would have been good friends before the mission. Im having a great time anyway, I'm just really tired.
So this is our presidents last consejo here in Teguz so hes gonna take us all out tonght to eat at a steak resaurante called Asados Del Gordo, o man its a really good place to eat and I love it. Im gonna be eating good meat for the first time in years haha. and for my b day!!! WOOOOO im stoked.
so it shoiuld be a couple of good weeks
Well Love you all K, have a great times there waiting for me and well see ya in three
Elder Beckstead

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hondurans headed to the beaches again!!

Hey there family, whats going on there in the states, I was very happy to receive your email this week, it made my day, haha guess what, only 4 more emails to go and i'll be home talking to you all face to face instead of by email. haha i bet that makes you all happy.
So whats new there?? I'm guessing track is well underway and stuff,
Things here are getting pretty hard all of a sudden, here we are in spring break and during spring break all the people in Cedeño head off to the beach and work and sell stuff, so there are literally no people in the street here in our area and nobody can come to church because of this huge problem. Im pretty sad about it but oh well, we just have to tough it out, but we had a baptism this weekend of a man. His wife was already a member and we just baptised his kids and he finally accepted to be baptised, so we are really excited about all this. He was really really excited too about everything so I'm pretty content about that.
So thank you soo much for the money, i'll try not to spend it all, but its for marriages and stuff and I think were gonna have several so yeah.
What else is new there in the US? I dont have much time today so i gotta roll, but I love you all and have a great week ok.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Changes are really really good!!

HAHA Colten and Whitney are already married then huh?? wow that was pretty quick. they are the perfect pair, and always have been. neat!!! I got changes this week and I received Elder Parker, yeah I was pretty darn excited and so far we have been working extremely hard. It has been good. So yeah this week has been super awesome, we have a baptism of a 40 year old guy that is getting married to his wife who is a member and then getting baptised on Thursday so pray for him that everything goes really, really well. I'm really excited this guy is awesome, and he's really really well off so hes paying for the marriage and stuff. This Sunday we had a great day in church so were really excited. the only problem was the Primary President did not come so we had to take care of the kids, and what a PAIN in the behind, those kids are terrible, loud, obnoxious, and everything. It was worth it cause everything ended really well, im really excited about my comp, he's from Las Vegas, he's a tennis player, one of the best in the country in his age group and he is going to go to Harvard and play tennis there and study, he's way smart and super fun and so far we have worked out every morning and im loving it, the perfect way to end my mission, working and having fun, Tyler is gonna love it here!! So are yall pretty baggy yet? haha i was thinking about it right now and im thinkin that were gonna have to make a taco bell run when I get home too, I love taco bell!!! so were gonna have to see about doing that too. or maybe there will be one in the airport, so well see about all that. haha i love making you all baggy!! ISU sent me an email telling me that they want me to go there and play, they said that they will be waiting for me to start in the summer workout stuff starting june 6th, haha that would be pretty sweet. But well see what happens. So whats new there at home, how about track and everything??? I hope things are going pretty swell!! WEll love you all and keep up the good work K!!!

Elder Beckstead

Monday, April 4, 2011

A little nudge from the spirit!

This is from Mitch this week. I thought I would add the scripture that he is referring to. Bruce R McKonkie taught; "unless there is darkness, there can be no light, unless there is vice, there can be no virtue; unless there is hate, there can be no love" 2nd NEPHI 2:11 For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, my first-born in the wilderness, righteousness ;could not be brought to pass, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility. WOW you all think that God wants me to get married really fast after my mission or what??? Holy cow, about everyone in the conference lineup talked about that. CRAZY, tell dad sorry but im gonna have to heed the words of the prophet. haha Hey so whats cooking there in the states??? hows the battle there in Idaho, WOW talk about yet another amazing conference, and my last one, HOLY CRAP I cant believe my time is almost up here in the mission. This Wednesday im gonna be going into my last change and my last 6 weeks of the mission, and from what I hear they are the fastest weeks of the mission, so we will see about that. So this week has been a really really busy one. on Thursday we had to go to Teguz to a ZL conference, which was pretty sweet, I love president Chaverri and his family, they are so polite and nice to me. Presidente Chaverri really does love the missionaries and the Lord. How incredible. So we had a baptism on Thursday too, it was awesome, We had it planned out since last week but then the guy decided he did not want to get baptised and was too nervous to go through with it. So Wednesday morning I went and talked to him about some things, I remember that while taking to him I felt a nugde from the spirit telling me to share with him 2 nephi 2 11 about opposition and stuff, so I did. It was weird cause it really didnt have anything to do with the lesson that we had planned, but I shared it anyway, the guy sat there silent for a few seconds and then just kept talking. I was LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I thought that was from the spirit and that for sure he was gonna change his mind, but he still wouldnt accept. I thought I had shared that scripture in vain. SO we left and ran an errand in chluteca or something and when we go back around 7 he was outside our house waiting for us, He came up to us and just asked us, so what time are the baptisms tomorrow cause im gonna make some covenants with God. haha so he ended up getting baptised and eveything. Its was soo cool. I know that that scripture was the scripture indicated by the Lord because I felt the spiritual witness and I know that that scripture is exactly what he needed to hear. It was pretty sweet. But other than that and conference, a pretty normal week. Love you all have a great one there in the USA Elder Beckstead

Success in Cedeno

hey there family: Whats up, Im not gonna lie, im really tired of writing emails. haha its a lot easier just to call and say whats up. I guess this is the only way we can do er here in the mission. Everything went well this week, I'm pretty happy cause Bertin, a guy were teaching was there in church and his pilas. He's one of the chosen ones, the guy knows the Bible like the back of his hand and has been searching for a church to attend for years, and then we arrived and now he is in love with the church and says its the only true one and that its what he has been waiting for. I'm really excited about him, he's getting baptised here really soon, the only thing is that he is a little crazy. This week was awesome, two of our converts here in Cedeño gave talks on Sunday, they did a really good job too. I was sooo happy, me and my comp just looked at each other and smiled at how amazing they did, We are helping both of them get prepared for the temple right now. Next year they both will be headed out to the temple one to be sealed to her husband and the other to take out her endowments, ha I dont know if you remember Alonzo but the other day I heard that he is getting ready to make his first temple trip here pretty quick. I'm not sure when, but here pretty soon. Im soooo excited cuz he going to be sealed to his wife that died a long time ago. or something like that. IM really excited about it. But yeah sounds like everything there is going really really well. IM stoked about our area still and it sounds like everything should be gettin better. So I was looking the other day and there is a chance that I could stay in my area and recieve an Elder Parker,I dont know if you remember who he is, but when I first started you sent me this news article, Hes the one that that plays tennis and goes to Harvard, well IM not sure if he'll be my comp but I hope so, that guy is a great elder and it would be sweet cause hes one of my good friends here in th mission. So yeah that might happen. Love, Elder Beckstead