Monday, September 21, 2009

August 10, 2009

OK well this is the last try...I've written you two huge e-mails that didn't send. Both of them, so sorry this one is going to be short and stuff.
But the same is going on here, we went on divisions last week and it was awesome. So I'm thinking my comp is a little weird now. haha,(wonder what he thinks of Mitch!!hahaha) but yeah he takes the whole trainer thing a little serious, he treats me like I'm his little kid. He shines my shoes and stuff like that all the time. haha But I 'm not gonna complain. I don't ever have to clean my shoes. But yeah, all is well here. Tell everyone I said hi and that i'm thinkin of them and stuff. But yeah I'm going to send two more e-mails for my teachers from the MTC. Please forward them to them. Peace out and I love ya lots.
One more thing.... I'm not lifting because there are no gyms. Please send protien because they taste soooo good to me right now. And put money on my card because I am going to buy some serious food at the market. HaHa send tons of protien!!!!!!

E Beckstead

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