Monday, December 7, 2009

Packages Arrived~"YES" 12/7/09

Ok I am fine, and I got two more packages today, so thats three in total, and everyone is very very jelous of me. so thank you. So congratulate Terri and Grandma for me, that is absolutely amazing that they did that. I'm so proud of them, haha.(They did very well at a big barrel race in Vegas) So yeah Honduras has two seasons, well four but they only use two, they use winter and summer or invierno and vierno. Thats all they really use. So that book, you should def send that to me, if its that cool I will def read it.(Chad Lewis "Surround Yourself with Greatness) Its so good to hear that the team is doing that good, Im hopin Tyler wins it all this year, he needs it.(The west Side Boy's Basketball team)And hows Brady doing? I'm thinkin pretty stinkin good.I duno know what time I will be calling or if you have to call me, i'll figure that all out here in a week or two, Hey did Liza get my connection letter??So we usually play whatever, but my personal favorite is basketball when it comes to p-day sports, and where i'm at right now there is an indoor gym, so thats awesome too. haha were gonna play with an investigator today so i'm stoked about that. They are an amazing family. I know nothing about the temple, (I asked him when the Temple building was going to start)so yeah thats that, but yeah all is well here, my area is very very hard, but were working and working and what not. we will see what happens here maybe the faith will pay off. I know it will haaa. But yeah thats all I got this week, nothing to fantastic happened.
Well goodbye and love you all!
Elder Beckstead
ps tell Wayne to write me!

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