Monday, September 21, 2009

September 7, 2009 A little horse ride!!!

hey que tal familia y amigos mios:

So I'm here in El Triunfo still doing my thing. I do have one pretty cool story for ya all. The other day our mission President wanted us to go to a place called San Juan. I have never heard of it before, but I guess it's in our area, so we went on divisions and I went with a recently returned missionary and my comp went with some other dude. So we rode in a truck for like 30 minutes then we got to some place and we had to get out and hike. I am pretty sure I am one of the first Gringos to ever arrive at this place, it's just a really really small town in the middle of nowhere, but ya so we were walking and we come to this river where everyone takes off there shoes and crosses. Well I didn't really wanna do that so I'm lookin for a place where I could like jump on an island in the middle of the river or something to avoid the wetness, but then some dude shows up with this horse, and he's like hey you wanna use my horse to cross the river? At first I was like it's against the rules........but.......................yeah, it's for a good cause and to push the gospel forward, so I crossed the river on horseback hahaha it was really cool. But now I want a horse to go to all of my appointments. ha But keep it down cause I did break a little rule. (we decided that it's the Wood in him coming out)That's about all that happened cool this week. That little town is well prepared, I'm thinkin we are gonna baptise about 13 people so it definitely was a great find. it's amazing how the Lord works sometimes.
So that's all I got this week. Yeah the house you saw is the house where I am living right now. It's pretty ugly, but it works. Hey I'll talk to ya all next week, hopefully I got something cool to tell ya again.
PS so I have a hammock in my house that I bought, and I bought a wallet made of crocodile and a belt made of iguana. Tell anyone that if they want something cool like that to just tell me and I'll send it to them through the mail which turns out pretty reliable.

Elder Beckstead

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