Monday, January 4, 2010

Moved to the South again--Monjaras

OK, so to start with, no I don't sleep in a hammock, but yeah I did get changes an I'm in the South very far away from everything. It's all good though. My area is very nice even though it's hot. OK dad told me about the horse, and its good to hear that Kate is doing very well. The average day in my life, is wake up, work out, study and leave at 11, then work all day and come home at nine. My new comp is kinda racist, but he's cool, I just have to be chill with him. I MISS THE CRAP out of Marecos. (his last Companion) I loved that dude, and still do. Yea I'm in an area very, very simular to Triunfo. It's very ugly but its nice. I don't mind it. Yes we have running water, so that is all good. And a very nice shower I might add. The apartment is very nice, do not worry ok. Where I'm at is about a 6 hour bus ride from Teguz. And thats about all I have time for. OK so that's the update, love you all.
E Beck

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