Monday, April 4, 2011

Success in Cedeno

hey there family: Whats up, Im not gonna lie, im really tired of writing emails. haha its a lot easier just to call and say whats up. I guess this is the only way we can do er here in the mission. Everything went well this week, I'm pretty happy cause Bertin, a guy were teaching was there in church and his pilas. He's one of the chosen ones, the guy knows the Bible like the back of his hand and has been searching for a church to attend for years, and then we arrived and now he is in love with the church and says its the only true one and that its what he has been waiting for. I'm really excited about him, he's getting baptised here really soon, the only thing is that he is a little crazy. This week was awesome, two of our converts here in CedeƱo gave talks on Sunday, they did a really good job too. I was sooo happy, me and my comp just looked at each other and smiled at how amazing they did, We are helping both of them get prepared for the temple right now. Next year they both will be headed out to the temple one to be sealed to her husband and the other to take out her endowments, ha I dont know if you remember Alonzo but the other day I heard that he is getting ready to make his first temple trip here pretty quick. I'm not sure when, but here pretty soon. Im soooo excited cuz he going to be sealed to his wife that died a long time ago. or something like that. IM really excited about it. But yeah sounds like everything there is going really really well. IM stoked about our area still and it sounds like everything should be gettin better. So I was looking the other day and there is a chance that I could stay in my area and recieve an Elder Parker,I dont know if you remember who he is, but when I first started you sent me this news article, Hes the one that that plays tennis and goes to Harvard, well IM not sure if he'll be my comp but I hope so, that guy is a great elder and it would be sweet cause hes one of my good friends here in th mission. So yeah that might happen. Love, Elder Beckstead

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