Monday, April 25, 2011

Eating Steak with Pres Chaverri/Some baptisms coming up!

Hey whats up fam??
Well things continue to go well here in Honduras, Semana Santa(Holy Week) is finally over which means once more our investigators are in the house and waiting for us, this should be a really really good week.
So Im pretty excited for this week, first its my birthday so thats gonna be pretty sweet, and second, were going to Teguz for a ZL consejo and so I'll be able to celebrate my birthday with all my friends there and have a great time, and hna Chaverri is definately gonna buy me a cake cause shes awesome like that. So I'm really stoked for everything, and then next week we should be having some baptisms so that should go very well also.
Im really excited anyway. Then the next week Tyler gets here and me and him are gonna do some work and have some fun too and show him the places where I've been and stuff, I think hes gonna love it.
Keep me updated on the Stake President thing there and when I can get released. IM pretty excited for everything but at the same time im nervous to leave. We'll see what happens eh, I still got plenty of time.
So sounds like softball is off and rollin now so thats pretty cool.
Here me and Elder Parker are having a blast, really were working really really really hard and having a lot of fun, Me and him have a lot in common. Im pretty sure we would have been good friends before the mission. Im having a great time anyway, I'm just really tired.
So this is our presidents last consejo here in Teguz so hes gonna take us all out tonght to eat at a steak resaurante called Asados Del Gordo, o man its a really good place to eat and I love it. Im gonna be eating good meat for the first time in years haha. and for my b day!!! WOOOOO im stoked.
so it shoiuld be a couple of good weeks
Well Love you all K, have a great times there waiting for me and well see ya in three
Elder Beckstead

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