Monday, April 18, 2011

Hondurans headed to the beaches again!!

Hey there family, whats going on there in the states, I was very happy to receive your email this week, it made my day, haha guess what, only 4 more emails to go and i'll be home talking to you all face to face instead of by email. haha i bet that makes you all happy.
So whats new there?? I'm guessing track is well underway and stuff,
Things here are getting pretty hard all of a sudden, here we are in spring break and during spring break all the people in CedeƱo head off to the beach and work and sell stuff, so there are literally no people in the street here in our area and nobody can come to church because of this huge problem. Im pretty sad about it but oh well, we just have to tough it out, but we had a baptism this weekend of a man. His wife was already a member and we just baptised his kids and he finally accepted to be baptised, so we are really excited about all this. He was really really excited too about everything so I'm pretty content about that.
So thank you soo much for the money, i'll try not to spend it all, but its for marriages and stuff and I think were gonna have several so yeah.
What else is new there in the US? I dont have much time today so i gotta roll, but I love you all and have a great week ok.
Elder Beckstead

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