Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Changes are really really good!!

HAHA Colten and Whitney are already married then huh?? wow that was pretty quick. they are the perfect pair, and always have been. neat!!! I got changes this week and I received Elder Parker, yeah I was pretty darn excited and so far we have been working extremely hard. It has been good. So yeah this week has been super awesome, we have a baptism of a 40 year old guy that is getting married to his wife who is a member and then getting baptised on Thursday so pray for him that everything goes really, really well. I'm really excited this guy is awesome, and he's really really well off so hes paying for the marriage and stuff. This Sunday we had a great day in church so were really excited. the only problem was the Primary President did not come so we had to take care of the kids, and what a PAIN in the behind, those kids are terrible, loud, obnoxious, and everything. It was worth it cause everything ended really well, im really excited about my comp, he's from Las Vegas, he's a tennis player, one of the best in the country in his age group and he is going to go to Harvard and play tennis there and study, he's way smart and super fun and so far we have worked out every morning and im loving it, the perfect way to end my mission, working and having fun, Tyler is gonna love it here!! So are yall pretty baggy yet? haha i was thinking about it right now and im thinkin that were gonna have to make a taco bell run when I get home too, I love taco bell!!! so were gonna have to see about doing that too. or maybe there will be one in the airport, so well see about all that. haha i love making you all baggy!! ISU sent me an email telling me that they want me to go there and play, they said that they will be waiting for me to start in the summer workout stuff starting june 6th, haha that would be pretty sweet. But well see what happens. So whats new there at home, how about track and everything??? I hope things are going pretty swell!! WEll love you all and keep up the good work K!!!

Elder Beckstead

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  1. Lori,
    Even though I have been a follower Mitch's whole mission. I decided to become official today.
    I can't believe it is almost here. WOW