Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Other Side of Heaven!!

Hey there fam!!!

Whats up, here everything is good. I am having a good time makin fun of my comp, this is his first time for him here in the south and his skin is not taking kindly to the change, oh and the mosquitos are loving the new white flesh.. hahaha good times!!

But yeah this area is doing better now that Semana Santa is over, we had a good asistence yesterday...well an average attendence, but we were pretty happy, and yes the marriages are going to be going through which is something that will be super awesome, in the end we are going to have three, so we are really excited. everything is starting to work out so we're pretty pumped about that.
So fill me in on the US, whats new there??? Am I going to walk into a new world or what? I'm not gonna lie, im a little nervous.
I'm excited for Tyler to come too, dont worry were not gonna do anything stupid MOM. haha
We were going to do some really cool things like go to Copan and stuff, but now we can't cuz we have too much work to get done in our area, so we'll probably spend quite a bit of time in my area, I'm gonna teach him how to contact. haha hes gonna love the area,
Have you ever seen the other side of Heaven?? It's kinda like that here, but the people aren't huge Samoans, instead they are really small Latins that spend all their time fishing and finding ways to survive and feed their families. It's a pretty intense experience really. I've never seen people this poor in my life. It's not uncommon to see a passed out person in the street from too much of the beer.
There are palm trees everywhere too, and coconuts, haha i have a cool video for yall of a guy climbing up a tree to get us some coconuts to eat.
So things are going awesome and i'm super stoked for Tyler to come next week.
Love you all and have a great one
Elder Becktead

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