Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This place is going to Flourish-it's going to be great!!

Hey fam whats up???
SO whats going on there in the states, thanks soo much for emailing that coach for me, its good to know that they still think about me once in a while.
So just let me know about any new results or anything.
So Whats new there in the usa??? Hows my boys doing??? im thinkin pretty good, I hear that the basketball team is tearin it up right now, thats pretty cool!!! Peyton wrote me this week, sounds like he did pretty good in the basketball camp that he went to.
I cant believe its been over a week since I talked to you all on the phone, wow that was a fast week. CRAZY!!!
Ok so Elder Browns MOM might call you and mention something to you about a holey shirt, do not worry about it I have plenty of shirts. Elder Brown is LOCO haha!
So this week has been a good week, its kinda hard cause were in a little district and they need alot of help. Me and my comp are pretty much running the entire district, were trying to teach the leaders here how everything works and stuff but they seem to not care somtimes. So were just pushing along, its hard at times to get work done in our area and stuff, but its ok, were planting a lot of seeds and when the leaders finally figure out whats going on, this place is gonna flourish!!! Its gonna be great.
Well I love you all, and miss you more and more each day.
Peace out and I'll see you in 4
Elder Beckstead

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