Monday, January 17, 2011

New comp: Elder Giron/Transfered to Cedeno

I had to go read Ether 12. It made me feel better too!! Mitch got some bad news from home last week, and I was worried he would be down and out. Wow quite the opposite!! (this is one happy missionary) I was hoping that he would get to baptise in the ocean-it could happen!!!
To those who sent him uplifting letters and e-mails I thank you very much!!! Thank you for all of your prayers in his behalf. My testimony of prayer has again been strenghtened. . . Love

Well, put your seatbelts on and get ready cause this week I have some really really good news.
So you know how every missionary has this crazy dream of being the cool missionary that gets the really, really crazy calling all the sudden and gets sent to some remote place to open an area and a branch and start the church in unknown lands???
Well Tuesday night I was anxiously waiting for my new change, I previously knew that I would be leaving an area. So after waiting anxiously for an hour or two I finally recieved my change. The assistence told me that I was going to a place called Cedeño to open up the area with Elder Giron. So let me explain to you all a little bit about this change.
Cedeño is a beach here in Honduras, so my new area is the beach, and my job is to open up the area and form the church here in Cedeño, I have a head start though because the branch President from another ward lives out here. So were going to start a branch here on the beach the three of us.. which is a really amazing calling, and suddenly I don't want to go home anymore, not at all. I love my new area!!! The branch president lives right on the beach and that is where we eat lunch everyday, sooooo every day I eat seafood which involves fish, shrimp, crab, oysters and other such things, on the beach while looking out towards the ocean. I think dad would enjoy this area a lot. but it gets even better, and a little bit harder. I'm still a zone leader so I have to manage the zone as well, but get this. Im opening a new zone as well, as in We are opening a zone here in this new area and I'm in charge of managing it and making sure everything goes smoothly. WOW, I was shocked, President told me the next day that he trusted in me Alot, enough to do that. So I have quite a huge responsability, which is good cause of all the fun things that are going on at home, speakin of which. I only want happiness at the airport, everyone and everything that causes drama and problems is not included in that.
So thats whats going on here, I'm not one to boast, but I think you really can be proud of me for this one, Opening an area and a zone is a really big responsability, especially if your area has never had missionaries before. CRAZY.
So thats whats going on here, Its perfect cause Im learning that things change, and sometimes not for the best. So instead of dwelling on these changes, that I can't control, Im just gonna take what I have and run with it. Its what we all have to do, and never forget who we are and what we stand for!!!
So yeah, And thank you soooo much for keeping the contact with all those coaches, I was worried for a while that I wasnt gonna be playin football when I got home, hopefully everything works out.
Well my testimony keeps growing as well here, its true what is said in Ether 12, it only will make me stronger as well as all of us.
Well I love you all and hope that everything is going better there in the states. Peace out and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

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