Monday, January 24, 2011

Loves it here the area is Fruitful~ Stung by a scorpion!

haha!! Don't even worry about the pictures, I'm taken too maybe pictures. I have a picture of me holding a hammerhead shark in my hands, It's really legit.
We would baptize in the ocean, but we dont have permission to do it. So were gonna call President and see what happens, maybe if were lucky we'll be able to do it.
So Elder Giron is from Guatemala, im pretty glad he's my comp.. he's way chill and we are working really really hard right now, keeping our minds towards the work.
The house I live in is pretty nice, We have water and stuff like that so im not gonna complain too much. But the other night while I was sleeping I felt a very very sharp pain in my fingers and woke up screaming in pain. I got up out of bed and there was a scorp├Čon on my shirt. WOW I was sooo scared, the sucker had already stabbed me once, but I thought it was gonna get me again, until my comp came over and knocked it off me and killed it. WOW but talk about an intense experience. Couldn't sleep the rest of the night. I HATE insects. Thats literally the only bad thing that has happened to me this week, everything else has been awesome. We're having tons of success already here in this area, the first week at church we had 33 people there, which is pretty good I think. We just gotta baptise them all now and get them to work. I hope we can get it done. Ive never been in an area so fruitfull!! I love it here.
So sounds like things there are cooling down a bit, I hope thats true, Kevin emailed me, that was pretty cool too, sounds like hes doing pretty good. I really kinda want to go to Utah State now, but like I said, no decisions yet.
I just want to end my mission working really really hard and being perfectly obedient. thats the goal for right now. I just hope I end the mission here in this area, I love it that much.
ha and yeah, Cole sounds really really good, We had a good chat, I forgot to tell you all about Elder Ballard. That was awesome, hes soooo smart and funny. I had a great time there.
Well time is about out and I gotta get going. So I love you all and hope everything is going well for you, keep stayin strong and keep and eye on my boys OK!!!!!!
Peace until next week.
Elder Beckstead

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