Monday, January 31, 2011

Still loving Cedeno/Much success!!

Hey there family, well everyhting here is still great, I'm really loving this new zone and my new area, were seeing a ton of success as of right now. This Sunday we had 50 people in sacrament meeting, which isn't a lot I know but its the second Sunday we've had, so I don't think its too bad. I do know that we have to make it better, that is for sure.
I have a few sea shells from the beach already, but its hard to get them cause then we have to take time off to go look for them, so don't be too disappointed if I dont bring you all home seashells ok. Elder MaCallister is still in our last area in the Villa de San Fransisco, He'll be there for a while longer too I think. I miss that kid, we had lots of fun together. But hes doing good from what I hear.
I love my area, I love my comp and I love everything that's going on right now. Its so weird, before in the mission I used to look at my comps and find all the weaknesses in them and just dread on that forever and in the end just dread being around my comps, I've defenitly learned that you always need to look for the good in people, just like you've always taught me mom, So I am working on that. But yeah, this week We had a great week, were finding people like crazy, I swear they are just like falling off trees. haha I love it. Were doing our best to teach all of them. but yeah thats whats going on here.
I got an email today from coach Whitworth, which was really good, he did offer me a full ride scholarship which is really awesome and he did promise me playing time from the get go, So we'll see.
But yeah Whats new there in the yunais. I bet pretty good from what I hear, my Packers are in the super bowl. im pretty excited about that. I hope they win!!!!

So I got my flight plans more or less, I haven't seen them yet, but from what they tell me im going home the 17th of May and I will arrive home at exactly 11 p.m. In Salt Lake I hope ur all gonna be ready, and I asked special permission for Tyler to come get me and My president gave it to me, so Tyler G can come probably like a week and a half before I head home, hahah ill show him what the mission is about and how awesome it really is. Hes gonna love it.Keep working hard there at home and I love you all.

Elder Beckstead

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