Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes on Wednesday

Whats up family?? Hows goes the battle there in the states??? I'm guessin pretty good cuz the states are pretty stinkin cool.
Well here everything is going pretty well, were still working and trying for success, o hey, just so you know, I sent you a tape that I made in return for the one you sent me so watch for it in the mail, you should be gettin it here any day now.
So wow, I cant believe the Whimpey twins are going to USU to play football, thats kinda crazy. Who knows, maybe I'll end up there too. That would be pretty stinkin cool i'd say. Have you talked to them recently or anything??
Well acceleration sounds pretty good I guess so I'll keep you updated on that one.
So thats too bad the boys lost in Preston, I would probably get pretty mad if I was there!!haha
The weight gainin powder is holding up really well so don't worry about that either. We're good, I actually weigh like 230 pounds right now, so I'm happy about that. I just hope that they don't send me to the south this change, cuz thats where I always seem to lose weight. But if they do, i'll be happy to go.
I'm excited though cuz I will probably be going into my last area of the mission so thats gonna be pretty intense. I never though that would happen, and i've almost officially been away from home for 20 months. WOW it's just crazy, I think it's true what they say about time, it just goes soo fast here in the mission It feels like I just got here a few weeks ago. Its CRAZY
I'm thinkin i'll be home before I know it. WEIRD!!!! but yeah, I dont know what else to say, ill send you a good e-mail next week with some cool news.
I love you all and talk to ya later.
Eder Beckstead

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