Monday, December 27, 2010

Mitch needs new pants!!!

Hey whats up family,
How goes the battle there in the US??
WOW how amazing was it to hear your voices again, But you know it was quite the shocker to hear about several things that are happening there in the states right now.
I miss the crap outta yall but im kinda nervous to come home now. haha crazy.
So Hows Kade doing?? Is he liking the MTC?? That place was amazing, I cant believe I wanted to leave the whole time I was there, I wish I would have just enjoyed it instead. But oh well.
SO what else is new there in the states??? I really dont know what else to say other than that. We pretty much got it all out of us in the last talk, Oh so heres a sign that im gainin a little bit of weight, the other day I was here playin ping pong with the others from the zone for Pday and I bent over to pick the ball up and rrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppp a hole the size of a football ripped in my pants. So it was a very awkward rest of the day, I didn't have another pair of clothes so I just walked around like that the rest of the day, and that was about it.
pretty embarrassing though. haha
Well so was Grandma happy to hear from me or anything??? It sure was great to hear from her!!! she sounds awesome!!
SO dont worry about me, im concentrated on the work, the classes really never cross my mind until p-day or when Im talking to all of you, I just don't know what else to talk about anymore, plus I dont wanna get home and be stumped.
Just know that im working and i'm happy here in the mission and that I know that the Lord will take care of everything.
Well I love you all
Tell my boys I love them with all my heart!
Peace out
Elder Beckstead

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