Monday, February 7, 2011

Everything is going great!! Could Mandi be expecting??

Whats up MOM and familia and friends?

Well everything here is great!! So your all killing me, you told that you have good news from Mandi, but I didn't get an email from Mandi. WHAT IS GOING ON??????? I bet shes with child. if I'm wrong let me know-that would be crazy. hahaha!! to get home to a fat Mandi hahaha.So everything is still awesome here in Honduras. I eat fish like everyday and beans still, but im used to it now and I really like them, you know that I can eat with tortillas now, I mean, I dont even need a fork anymore cause here we eat with pure tortillas. Hows neat is that!!!So yeah, Im pretty stoked about everything with the Packers too, I love that team and im soooo happy they beat the Steelers too because thats Jakes team, you should call and give Jake some crap for me. hahaha I hate the Steelers!
So talk more to Tyler about the whole trip, I really do want him to come and get me, See what Shellie says about the whole thing, he would love it, I'm not sure if he would like the food, but he would love where I would take him. Sounds like the boys teams is doing good, How they lookin for state this year,?? They better make it and win too or ill be pretty darn mad!!!!!That sounds pretty tight about going to SLC with those moms, I cant believe your all gonna do it. Your all gonna have a great time I believe. Good for you!!! Well I gotta go cause today im gonna send some college info, so ill talk to ya all later.
Love you
Elder Beckstead

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