Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Wow Camden Waite is already on the mission. Thats pretty crazy right??? He's got a long time ahead of him hahaha. Just kiddin the mission is way cool.. Well about Elder Crabby (His MTC Companion) he was in my zone last change, but now he's in the UYUCA zone but is still pretty close to us, but we never see him.
So about the food, lately I havent been eatin much of anything, the last crazy food I ate was from a long time ago, lately its just the usual, beans and rice with some eggs. and mantequilla which is a white cream substance thing that Is pretty good with other food. and no I don't live by any fast food places, I live in what they call an aldea, I live really really far from everything.
We have something called pulps, which are little places where we buy food and stuff, but thats it. We have to be really creative with our food choice. tThe weather is about the same, it's hot at times but in the morning its pretty chilly. I like it right now but I literally have a battle with my shower every morning. I HATE COLD SHOWERS!! and my shower is freezing cold. So I have to put up with it every morning and sometimes night, but its all good. Its a good learning experience.
About the internet, I have to leave my area and go to another because we dont have internet. We just come to a place called Zamorano and use it there in a little internet cafe thingy. And yes the computers are not very good and all of them have viruses because of chastity problems many Hondurans have.
Well the week has been a good one, we have been very very busy with interviews this week trying to get some people baptised. We have been really lucky this months in our zone. We have 16 missionaries and we were able to have 48 baptisms in October, which is a new mission record. So we were very happy about that, but a litle dissappointed cuz we wanted to have like 50 or 60. but we're happy. Maybe next month??
I really have to go, sorry. Tell Chuck that she has the go ahead with the protein. I really do need in right now. I love you all and have a great week
Elder Beckstead

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