Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baptism for a sister waiting a long time/I love the BOM

Hey Howdy ya'll, how ya'll doing??? Well here in Honduras all is well . We are pretty excited because we were able to help a sister enter the waters of baptism this week after a very long and crazy wait, she has been waiting over a year due to marraige and finally we got everything taken care of. We are pretty excited about it all anyway.
So other than that it has been another crazy week here. First we had interviews on Tuesday and were helping President get everything situated all day. Wednesday was a normal day, but on Thursday we had to go to Teguz to a ZL consejo. Which was pretty cool, we learned a lot from everyone and Elder Falabella from the area was there. There was a lot to be learned and stuff and we got to eat a lot of food. I couldn't help but think though, what was going on at home with the family. (Thanksgiving) And yes. . .in 27 I am going to be talking with all of you. I am pretty excited about that.
So I talked to President and it looks like my release date is gonna be for the 17 of May, yes mom your birthday. it's gonna be crazy fun but I'm probably gonna be getting home around 10 at night, but I do not know for sure yet. Ha! My friend just said that he has 465 more days on his mission, Ha I can't believe how long I have been here, It's crazy.
So how were the bed races? So are we gong to be able to do that again next year? I'll hook up with some football players from wherever I'm playing ball. We will win for sure!! Well we better. We just have to find two really, really small girls to be the ones to change the robes or whatever.
So yeah once again changes are coming up, we are pretty excited because it sounds like we are gonna have a great group again here in Valle Verde, but we will see. I think we might be changing areas though as ZL's but we will see. I kinda hope so, it is really, really hard to maintain a little branch like this and be a good ZL at the same time. We will see though.
So do you all miss me????? Be honest or are you partying it up without me there? haha So heres a question. . . Where do you all want me to go to school after the mission?? well first you should know that there will be zero decision made here until after the mission, cause right now it's all about the work.
So thats all I got for right now, we are still working hard, next week i'll have some information for ya all about the changes and what went down. I love you all and have a great time.
Elder Beckstead

The missionaries from West Side High School have a connection letter that is sent 2 times a year. This is what he sent to be put in the newsletter:

WOW has the time flown by. How you all been??? It's so amazing to have the chance to be here in Honduras representing the Lord, my family, the ward, and WEST SIDE BABY!!! This work is the work of the Lord and I love it. I can honestly say that I have been able to see miracles here in Honduras over the past two years. The Lord really does work in crazy ways. Well I am thinking that this will probably be my last connection letter. I can't believe how fast the mission has gone by. So after being here in Honduras for more than 18 months, I think that one of the key things that I have learned about being a missionary is the importance of the Book Of Mormon. NEVER EVER fear what people are going to say about that incredible book. As you know the new training has instructed us to use the introduccion more in our teachings of the BOM in the first lesson. I have been reading the part that says, Declare a los hermanos que el libro de Mormon era el mas correcto de todos los libros sobre la tierra, y la clave de nuestra religion; y que un hombre se acercaria mas a Dios al seguir sus preceptos que los de cualquier otro libro. I know that phrase has power to it and if we teach it in a correct way according to the spirit we will fulfill more fully our objective of bringing more souls unto Christ. So the council I give to all those newbies and preparing missionaries is just that, USE THE BOOK OF MORMON IN ALL OF YOUR TEACHINGS, and I promise that you will see more success in all that you do in the mission. I love that book, it has changed my life and my mission, I love you all and I pray for your success daily. May the spirit be with every one of you in your time in the Lords service and may God open the windows of Heaven and pour his blessing over you all in abundance.
Exitos y animos cuates
Elder Beckstead

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