Monday, November 15, 2010

Having a great experience with E McCallister/Still don't like spiders!

This is a Honduran Spider like the one that Mitch talks about in the e-mail below. . .
Pretty freaky if you ask me ekkkkkk!!!
Chelsi, Rodrick, Phillip, Jake, Deon
Colby and Jack!
After the last home game. . . .Coach Z was fired!!

WOW what awesome emails.
Emails like that make my day every time. 100 percent of the time.
So here in Honduras all is well, haha I was so happy to hear that you all went and took Jake and Phil and Rod out to dinner thank you sooo much. Those guys were my best friends there in college, especially those three, We had sooo many good times. And Chris.
So here in Honduras all is well, were still workin really hard in our area, I've been laughing for a week straight with my new companion Elder Mcallister, he's gotta be the funniest guy I've ever met.
haha and GUESS WHAT, HE CANT SAY HIS G´s either. hahahahaha I die laughin every time he says, han on, whats that thin and I'm the kin. haha good times.
I'd say that he's one of the better comps I've had here in the mission when it comes to being friends and everything and working hard. Were havin some good times right now.
So tell the boys good luck, they better take it to that freakin MALAD wussbag team. Tell Tyson that if he loses I'm gonna fly home beat him up, and then come back and finish my mission, but don't tell Chuck that cause she'll take it serious.
ok so that story was awesome, it reminds me of Jaxon, that kid can take about any amount and any type of toys and turn it into the biggest battle of the history, his imagination is awesome.
So I haven' t asked this one for a while, but hows my horse doing??? I kinda wanna go on some horse back rides when I get home in the mountains you know, that would be sweet, just me and nature.
So guess what, I bought some weights and they only cost me 5 bucks, there made out of concrete, but they still weigh quite a bit, so I'm gonna be workin out quite a bit now, so yeah were good on the weight gainer, I just need to find out how to get some milk haha. PS the milk here is not very good, I tell you we are truly blessed to have Jersey Milk at our fingertips every minute of the day, I remember that every time we would go to get milk, the milk truck always seems to have come the minute before.
So I cant believe that about ISU and the coaching staff, that sucks, I thought Coach Z was doing good things there in ISU, but we'll see, you know the worst part about it is that now im probably gonna lose my scholarship, you know we should probably find out something about that. Thats too stinkin bad, I'm really gonna have to start over again. O well, I'm just gonna have to work really hard. Well see, but I would love to talk to the coaches from Utah State, it would be way sweet.
Alright well sounds like everything is going good there in Idaho. I hope everything still goes well and always does. The work is, like always, amazing. The Lord really does work miracles here in Honduras, I've seen it many times.

O by the way, when you mentioned that about Jake and the spider it reminded me of a certain instance when I was teaching a lesson with Elder Thatcher here in Ojo de Agua and I saw a huge black thing fall from the ceiling and land on me, I thought it was a peice of their roof, seems how there houses are always falling apart. But when I went to look I saw a HUGE SPIDER the size of my hand sitting on my belly staring at me, it was as if the spider was telling me that it was gonna eat me I swear. So I jumped up and ran around the room screaming like a girl for about ten seconds till it fell off me. Then I looked at it on the ground and killed it. Then, get this, the people we were teaching told me that it was JUST A SPIDER can you believe that, JUST A SPIDER, yeah just a spider the size of my dang hand. geez I really saw my life flash before my eyes haha.
So yeah thats something interesting for ya.
Well Ok I love you all keep up the good work and see you next week.
Elder Beckstead

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