Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Companion Elder McAllister

Whuts up family, well it’s good to hear that you finally got my letter last week. Well I hope you get another this week too cause im trying to send one every week until the end of my mission. It sounds like everything is going well there in the states, I better not hear that West Side looses to Malady again though, that would make me pretty mad.

It's good to hear that my laptop is still in good order, so thats pretty good and my phone, but now that the contracts up im gonna be wanting a new phone when I get back, there are a whole bunch of people that want to call me after the mission too so I hope that number stays the same.

Well sounds like ISU had a pretty good week too, Hahaha thats the good thing about bye weeks. They need the rest too; I hear there going to be playing against Georgia as well, who knows maybe we will be hearing about an upset in a few weeks. I hope so.

So I did have a change, I’m with a new comp in the same area, My new comps name is Elder McAllister from Washington, he's really cool and super chill, were going to be working really hard this change. So yeah im pretty excited about that.

So there is a family in my area here that could use some help, from when you were talking about clothes and stuff. They have a 6 year old boy that has almost 0 clothes, so if the organization wants to send some clothes that would be alright. I don’t know his size; I just know that he's 6.

Well I had a great week here in Honduras, it was getting pretty hot there again for a few days, but now it’s starting to cool down, seems like another hurricane might be on the way or something, which is ok cause now we not going to have many problems with the heat. Man I don’t like that heat.

So you all sound pretty excited that the mission is winding down. Ha-ha I don’t know, it still feels like I have a lot more time to go for me. A winter and most of a school year. So don’t get too excited. We are going to have a good time when I get home though, but im not sure im going to want to go straight to Disney land when I get home? I kind of want to stay on the dl and chill there with the family. I don’t know what you all think about that but that how I feel about that situation. But we’ll see. Right??So i'm about outta time. I love you all very much and hope you have a great week.

Peace out and keep up the good work.

Elder Beckstead

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