Monday, November 22, 2010

West Side HS wins the State Championship coached by Tyson and Tyler Brother in laws to Mitch!!! We were all pretty excited about it. . .
Hey whats up familia,
SO Im freakin jelous about the whole West Side thing going on there, those boys were always really good at all the sports and stuff, I bet they're lovin life right now. I remember that after we lost at state I hated life for the rest of high school. Dang! but yeah Congrats boys.
So tell Tyson congrats too, thats a great accomplishment, I notced that Kasey Freddy was one of the coaches there on the team too, hahah that made my day, I didn't know that. I bet thats a quality line they had this year.
SO About the work here, ahha
so this week has been a pretty rough one I wont lie, we had to fix a whole bunch of problems that were here in the zone, its all good though. I hope next week gets a little bit better. haha so I'm glad you liked the last email, ha we had brought a ganster to our Pday activities to play soccer with us and he was just standin there behind me the entire time like my body guard or something. I felt so tight, then on Sunday he came to church. He's changin too, I guess hes quiting alot of things he used to do, Im pretty impressed by the guy. The other day he told me that if I ever have any problems with people trying to jump me or anything like that in the street or trying to rob me, he said to have them give him a call and he will ¨take care of it¨ haha fun times. Its good to have the KNOWN guy on your side. I gave him that jerky you sent me and he went crazy, but it was kinda weird cause he said that he had to eat it with tortillas. So it was kinda a mix with Honduras and the States there. haha and he gave me this crazy ointment stuff, cause I pulled my neck muscle, and I put it on and it was amazing, My neck healed in a matter of minutes. So I asked him what is was and he said that it was like an icy hot type thing with marijuana extracts. So I went against the word of wisdom this week. haha!
Thank you soo much for the money, you really don't know how much I appreciate it. Love you guys soo much.(We sent money for a couple of poor members to get married)
So about the little boy, yeah we play with him a little bit, his dream is to grow up and be a missionary just like the two big gringos when he grows up.(a little boy 6 yrs old, with no clothes we sent him some for Christmas) SO Thats the little boy, and yes he looks alot like Blaize. So by the way, the girl that sent me that letter is like 50 years old OK, we baptised her entire family and she is way pilas (strong) in the church now. So no she is not a young girl, that is just how people express themselves here. It's weird and you already have a ´picture of that lady, she's one of the few that were baptized in the picture. (Wayne read me a letter that a girl wrote, and it sounded like she was sweet on Mitch-so I asked him to send a picture)
Allright well like always ha sido un pacer escribiros. os quiero mucho
Peace out and have a great week
Elder Beckstead

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